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Your Ultimate Guide to Blogging Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed some tips to help you decide what particular niches you can focus on when you start blogging. Now, we’re giving tips on how to set up your blog and make sure you’ll attract your intended market.


Should I blog about my passion and interest, or something that’s profitable?

Don’t be abashed if you’re not chasing after passion and hounding after profit instead. Some people choose to blog to relay all their interest and hobbies; others utilize it as a way to make some extra cash. Whatever the reason is, the best way would be to stay true to yourself. Remember not to stoop to personal attacks when someone disagrees with your viewpoint. Also, never make the colossal mistake of announcing that, ‘I am blogging because it is my passion/I want to make money.’ This definitely won’t chalk a mark in the traffic category. But if you are truly interested in delving into a business niche to make a quick buck, then there are several quick steps to follow:

#1. Set Up a Niche Affiliate Site

If you are directly involved in a business niche but doesn’t have a clue what you’ve got yourself into, your credibility will come under fire. The best way is to be a niche affiliate of a particular website and learn the trade along the way. So what you’re actually doing is concocting websites that lead people to the items or services they are scouring for online.

#2. Familiarize Yourself with Online Products or Services

Find out what people are looking for by hitting popular websites such as eBay. You can elect the BANS method of concocting a niche affiliate site emphasizing on specific products – take musical instruments, for example – and lock into the ‘What’s Hot’ section on eBay’s Seller Central to target niches of interest.

#3. Find out the Receptiveness of the Product or Service

Utilize the major search engines such as the Google and Yahoo to find out how your target market hunts down these products and services online. Insert keywords or words from the eBay reports to narrow down your search and understand the market.

#4. Formulate the Product Content

Once you have tracked down which specific product or service the target market is looking for – guitar amplifiers, for example – the next step would be to generate the content for your blog. Since you have no idea how a guitar amplifier even works, formulating content based on this niche can be tricky. The best way to combat this would be to do some intensive research first about the subject and editing the content before publishing it.

How often should I blog?

Although there are perks to blogging daily such as cultivating your writing habit or even flouncing to the top of the SEO list, blogging weekly also has its fair share of advantages. Weekly blogs that emphasize content over speedy updates are generally more preferable, but always blog according to your personal time constraint rather than feeling obliged to do so.

Where do I find visitors to my blog?

Many bloggers clutch on to traffic posts like a lifeline. But building up a steady stream of traffic can be tedious for novice bloggers, so here are three essential tips to remember:

#1. Content

Creating an innovative and engaging blog content is valuable in generating traffic to your blog. Throw in a dash of humor or slip in a poll, and you’ll attract heaps of readers.

#2. Design

A drab blog is a boring blog. Experiment with interactive color schemes and contemporary designs to make your blog look more enticing and appealing to your audience. Insert pictures instead of walls of solid text, and always make an effort to decrease the display of ads on your blog since it can detract readers from the content at hand.

#3. Reputation

Connections and communication are essential in the blogging world. Spend some time building up relationships with other fellow bloggers whilst enlisting the help of social media, and always be positive as you respond to feedback from your audience.

When will I start making money from my blog?

Patience goes a long way in the world of blogging. Don’t expect streams of cash to flow in the moment you set up your blog – instead, concentrate on advertising your content by building up relationships with your audience. Make use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your blog and gain a larger cluster of readers.

Thus, with all these steps in mind, you’re all geared to become an outstanding blogger!

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