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Your Portable Travel Guide to Beijing

The marvelous Beijing continuously reinvents itself as an important tourist destination. If you plan to vacation in Beijing, here are the essential tidbits of information that you may find handy.
Your Portable Travel Guide to Beijing
What to see in Beijing
The majestic Forbidden City is your window to the lush Ming and Qing dynasties. The preserved Chinese historical site is composed of stunning wooden structures surrounded by courtyards that brim with imperial treasures.

Visit the captivating modern art galleries of 798 Art District in Beijing. There, you will catch a glimpse of various contemporary Chinese artworks. The go-to galleries are Beijing Tokyo Art Projects and White Space Beijing.

If you want a scenic feast for your eyes, then take a trip to the lush Summer Palace. Its pavilions and gardens were intended to serve as playgrounds for the ancient imperial court. Three quarters of the Summer Palace’s grounds are taken up by the serene Kunming Lake.

No trip to Beijing is complete without visiting The Great Wall of China. The famous architectural marvel lies north of Beijing and is near the Gobi Desert. You can join hotel tours to travel to The Great Wall or you can simply ride the 916 bus in Dongzhimen.

Buy inexpensive souvenirs for your trip at the dirt market or Panjiayuan. It is only open during the weekends.

Where to dine while you are in Beijing
Savor delicious Chinese cuisine when eating out in Beijing’s prime dining spots. Check out the Donghuamen Night Market where you can get your fill of exotic Chinese fare like cicadas, squid, lamb or strawberry kebabs, and nutritious smelly tofu.

Opposite the signage Hualong Street is the Niuge Jiaozi. This restaurant will give you a sumptuous feast of steaming dumplings, fragrant roasted duck, and lamb-onion dish.

If you are into home-style Chinese cuisine, then Xiao Wang’s Home Restaurant is the perfect place for you. You can try the spicy chicken wings or the crisp deep-fried spare ribs seasoned with traditional pepper salt.

For your Peking duck cravings, your go-to dining place is the famous Běijīng Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant.

Where to stay in Beijing
Have a peaceful night’s sleep at some of the tourist favorites in Beijing. Check in at the Red Lantern House, Hotel Cote Cour (a mid-priced accommodation with a courtyard), Hotel Kapok (a boutique-inspired hotel), Red Capital Residence (a period-style lodging composed of kitsch rooms), or the pricey Grand Hyatt Beijing (a modern and luxurious hotel).

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