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Your Own Foam Party at Home

Foam parties are one of the latest trends in party themes. This is where the whole party area is filled with foams of massive amounts. These arrangements are usually done with the aid of certain party machine that spew copious amount of foam filling a large expanse with almost waist length of foam.
your own foam party at home
These types of high maintenance and meticulous looking party arrangements are usually done by professional party halls, clubs, dancing arenas and other places that host social events. They tend to be equipped with all sorts of party machines that aid them in creating a well-set party environment, although, there are also a few methods by which foam parties can be hosted at home.

A home made party machine can aid you in setting the perfect foam party to host for your kids or even for your grown-up friends. A home-prepared foam machine can help you fill the whole room full of foam and is very simple to put together. Of course, there is the concern about the mess and cleaning up. Then again it is a very unique party theme that is bound to get you many praises.

For starters, you need to make sure the room you are going to fill with foam has no furniture or fixings that would be damaged by the foam. Foam is generally wet, light and can easily fly to every corner of the place; therefore you need to make sure the room has no damageable articles. It is recommended to have the foam party outdoors, with the help of a fence holding in the foam. Since outdoor facilities are not accessible for all, you can try having it in the basement.

It is advised that you cover the linings of the floor and wall with a sturdy plastic to prevent the foam from leaking into gaps and damaging the nook and crannies. And, you may also want to add some aids that prevent unwanted gliding. Wetness and plastic is not exactly a safe and rigid surface so it is better to have some non skid enhancements to prevent an unwanted slip.

Now that you have set and secured the area, you can start building up the foam. Operating a foam machine is fairly easy. All you need to do is add the soap and turn the machine on. You would note that all the foam produced by the machine will hang around near the machine; you would need to manually spread it around the party area to make it even.

Once the place is set, you can start your party and have fun. Just keep in mind that foam easily deflates so you need to have the party machine on throughout the event to ensure a nonstop supply of foam. Remember to supply it with soap on regular intervals and enjoy a super successful foam party in your own home.

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