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Yorkie’s Common Aging Problems

Whether it is human or animal, both species start showing health problems as they reach their senior years. As little and as playful as a child Yorkshire terrier looks, it is no exception to this rule. The little pup also experiences many illnesses along the way that needs to be addressed so that they wouldn’t suffer.

Yorkie’s Common Aging Problems
First off, joint problems. As Yorkies get older, they tend to experience arthritis which prevents them from jumping up and down and running fast. Even a long walk could easily make them experience pain. When you have a senior yorkie, help them up by lifting them whenever you try to get them off a higher place. They will not tell you that jumping hurts their joints, so do it as soon as they reach senior years or even after having verified the condition on a veterinarian. Aside from arthritis, your Yorkie may also get stiffness which makes grooming hard. Hence, use a clean cloth and be gentle when you dry them up and style them.

One harsh and yet most common problem of aging Yorkies is cognitive dysfuntion syndrome (CDS) which is equivalent to a human’s alzheimer’s disease. In this state, Yorkies often appear disoriented or confused. They get little ‘accidents’ at home and may not seem the energetic puppy that you once knew. Get them checked out and give them supplements to help fight it off.

Another usual problem of the Yorkie is cancer. It must be noted though that through the continuous advancement of sciene, most dog cancers are treatable through operations and/or supplement/medication. If your dog experiences any of the following: 1) new lump or bumps; 2) sores that don’t heal; 3) unexplained weight loss; and 4) swelling, take them to the veterinary at once to confirm situations and to be able to determine how to remedy the situation.
Other problems that may be found include diabetes and dental problems, loss of sight, loss of hearing, and other usual things that even human beings experience in their senior years.

Your Yorkies have wagged their tails whenever you arrive home, lick your face when they are happy or when you are sad. They play with you, entertain and give you comfort. A dog’s senior years are the time when they most need their pet owner’s love and care. It is a tough time but the owner must be patient, understanding and as caring as possible.

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