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Yorkie Care Guide 101

Yorkshire terriers have captured the heart of many people, thanks to their cute, adoring looks and amazing personality. As little as they are, Yorkies are known for their courage and loyalty. They are also very energetic and sympathizing, as they try to comfort their owners upon noticing they may be feeling a bit under the weather. Thousands of pet parents attest that Yorkies are among the best household pet companions.

Yorkie Care Guide 101
Given the affection and loyalty that a Yorkie brings to the household, it is only expected that their pet parent would be responsible enough to keep them healthy and happy. Here are some great tips that Yorkie parents need to know when caring for their beloved pet.

First off, pay attention to the physical appearance of your Yorkie. As gorgeous as they look with their hair, it needs to be regularly cut so that it would not get tangled or even prevent them from seeing properly. Their nails need to be clipped as well so that they won’t hurt themselves when they scratch their fur. Also, if you see your Yorkie getting thin or developing some lumps around the body, make sure that you take them to a veterinarian to have them checked out properly.

Just like humans, a balanced diet is also needed by a Yorkie. They need to be fed twice a day to help recuperate from all the energy that they have exerted in playing. Also, when you do feed them, make sure that they have milk or water just beside their food so they would get to drink easily and avoid choking.

Yorkies are tiny and thus they tire their legs easily. Don’t take them on far too long walks that would wear them out and hurt their feet. They will not be able to tell you that they are already tired of walking so pay enough attention to this when taking them out on the park or on some errands.

Give your Yorkie a warm bed as well to tuck himself into, especially on the winter. Make sure that they are nice and cozy and have a shelter that keeps them from too much sun or the rain or the wind. Also, last but definitely not the least, never forget to be appreciative of them by petting them every once in a while. Make time to play with them and keep them entertained. Yorkies do not only need basic needs such as food and shelter but also the warm hugs and affection that their owners can offer.

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