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World’s Best Street Foods

They say that in order to experience a place, you need to try their delicacy as well. When we say local food, it doesn’t mean trying out the fanciest restaurant you found in town but rather, it’s what you find in the street. The world is filled with exquisite and yet yummy dishes that keep tourists craving for more! And here are some of them.


street food 1

Every summer, almost every street in the country is filled with little stores that sells ‘halo-halo’. It is a delicious dessert filled with many ingredients varying from fruits, beans and jelly mixed in with crushed ice, sugar and condensed milk. For those who want to make it special, they sometimes add ice cream on top. It’s the perfect treat to brush off the heat.


street food 2

Get ready to say ‘bobba’ as you let your mouth be filled with a sweet delicious milk tea blended with varying fruits depending on your preference. Among the popular choices are passion fruit and mango. The bubbles are made out of tapioca and sucked in using a large straw that has been proven to be really quite addictive.


street food 3

Despite the name, this food is not really made out of bunnies. It is actually a type of bread filled with a variety of thick curries. The fillings are expectedly spicy and can either be made from chicken or mutton. Many tourists who have tried this pastry find themselves craving for more!


street food 4

If spicy is your favorite flavor, then you will surely enjoy Thailand’s phat kaphrao or more commonly known as Pad Thai. It is a spicy and herby meat stir-fry that can be served to a group. It is usually served with bowl of sliced chilies in fish sauce with a squeeze of lime.


street food 5

On the South of USA, meat is extremely important. The place is filled with pulled meat that is served with various versions of barbeque sauce and more often piled into a sandwich. Many locals have their own grill to create their very own pulled pork, either to serve for parties or just to eat at home.


street food 6

When it comes to jerk chicken, nothing beats Jamaica’s street for serving one of the finest. Recipes for jerk chicken are among one of the most guarded secrets in the area for they are one of the things that keeps tourists coming back for more. The meat is especially marinated overnight to let it fully absorb the flavors before it is grilled the next day.


street food 7

If you want to have a taste of Nirvana in your mouth, a bite of currywurst is the perfect food to try. This dish takes an ordinary sausage, chopped and spiced with a spicy tomato sauce. Different people prefer different sauce to go along with it, but they all agree that it’s worth coming back for.


street food 8

Experiencing chicken on a totally new level can surely change the way you want it cooked. A taste of Haianese chicken rice combined with its delectable aroma can truly take you to tropic paradise. The rice is cooked with chicken fat, adding in an extra and yet very inviting flavor, especially when accompanied by the fragrance of pandan leaves.


street food 9

Located on lunch shacks and roadside stands are red, red, a dish that is more than just color. It is a very appetizing and spicy red pair bean that is served with fried plantains and red palm oil. Just keep an eye for locals on the stores saying ‘You are invited’ in their language and are welcoming you to the store; there’s a huge chance they have one inside.


Chicken feet on the grill

Chicken head and chicken feet are considered as walkie-talkie in Africa. They are grilled on the streets and sold by many roadside stands. It is simply boiled to keep it soft and get rid of the non-chewable part. It can also be mixed in various dishes as well or eaten as is after grilling.

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