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Why You Should Order Food Online to Lose Weight

Ordering food online versus ordering via a food counter – is there any difference it makes? Research now says that there is. If you want healthier food choices, then you might as well try ordering food online via your gadgets. This may now even lead you to lose weight!

why you should order food online to lose weight

The first experiment conducted at a real restaurant shows that if people ordered out loud, they will more likely to choose a high-calorie dessert instead of a healthy one, compared to if they ordered by pushing a button. A second experiment found out that when students are choosing from vending machines, they tend to choose high-calorie foods when speaking into a microphone, compared to when pushing a button. The bottomline is, even just by how you order food can affect your food choices.

But how does this happen? How does ordering food by speaking out loud increases the chances of choosing high-calorie foods?

When speaking out loud when making decisions, people tend to activate different areas of the brain, specifically parts involved in emotion. On the other hand, when people push a button or write their order down instead, the area involved in critical thinking is activated more than the parts involved in emotion. And this is why you should order food online to lose weight.

Researchers also say it is possible to imply that in purchasing goods, this effect of using technology online can as well be observed. As more and more people purchase goods and products online, there is a higher chance that they will have more practical and less expensive choices as doing so increases their critical thinking.

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