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Why You Should Have Copper Pipes In Your Home

Copper repiping is a popular choice nowadays. The standard material used for pipes was galvanized pipes made out of iron. The only problem was that they easily corrode, which is why copper is the most preferred material being utilized today. The advantage of copper is that it does not rust and is relatively lightweight. Copper is also malleable, which makes it easier for plumbers to get copper pipes to fit in small areas.
Why You Should Have Copper Pipes In Your Home
To know when it is time for repiping, the water must be checked for rust particles. If the water pressure has suddenly decreased, then that is also another indication. And lastly, if the home was built over 20 years ago, then it may be time to get home repiping done.

With new copper pipes, members of the household may be able to enjoy the convenience of clear water with strong pressure. It is definitely a necessary expense since water is used for taking baths, washing dishes, cleaning, and perhaps even drinking. It is not such a difficult job too since one plumber can do all the work. However, it may take a week to be finished and the water will have to be shut off temporarily. But at least, the benefits are worth the wait and the cost. Copper pipes are good during winter, too, as old pipes tend to burst when the water temperature is too high.

A good and efficient piping system adds value to a home so a homeowner who is considering selling their home might want to think about having the pipes checked first. The cost will be around $5,000. It may seem like a lot but if the pipes breakdown later in the future, the expenses may double. Also, plumbers who do the service are now offering warranties should there be any problems. It is much better to have professional plumbers do the job as an amateur may not be able to properly install them. And if the repiping is not done properly, the new copper pipes may be stolen.

Copper pipes are known to be of better quality compared to PVC or steel pipes. Aside from copper being corrosion-resistant and durable, PVC cannot be used in all plumbing applications. PVC may also be toxic when heated. Copper is also said to be bacteria resistant, fire resistant, and it can tolerate earthquakes. The only thing to watch out for when choosing copper pipes is the acidity of the water. Water that is too acidic may create pinholes which will cause leaks.

It is a good idea to consider having some repiping done to ensure an efficient water system. The most important thing is that the water flows constantly and there are no corroding materials mixed in the water because that affects the health of the people using the water.

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