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Why Should All Singaporean Real Estate Agents Work Together

Being in the real estate industry can be very demanding, as it is a very competitive place to be in. Every property agent is on the lookout for that one interesting client, and it is only a matter of who convinces who first, and in good fashion.
Why Should All Singaporean Real Estate Agents Work Together
On the other hand, since the real estate market here in Singapore is very lucrative, it is also advisable for every agent to better stand united and work hand in hand. Since you all are working towards the common goal of providing quality homes to our countrymen, a joint collaboration and cooperation might drive sales and opportunities up.

Here are concrete reasons why this could definitely work:

1. In this booming industry, there is a piece of the pie for everyone.

No matter how small Singapore seems like, its community is actually expanding by the minute due to the country’s ever growing economic opportunities. Logically, more opportunities will equate to further influx of people who are willing to avail of properties within the city. There is no reason to fight over this; instead, real estate agents can come together and devise a way on how to approach the emerging market. One group may do this, while another does an entirely different thing, depending on the strategies that you may formulate.

2. Working together prevents agents from being short-changed or “bullied” by clients.

Clients can be very demanding, and some may go as far as to threaten or force real estate agents into uncomfortable situations, which may put the latter’s professionalism on the line. By working together, you will be able to pinpoint the clients that agents should look out for. Also, since bargains are unavoidable, forming a cooperative could help regulate percentages which can be taken off the property price. It is only a matter of defending your ground when it comes to these situations, and establishing a group will be of enormous help.

3. The CEA is always on the agents’ side, most of the time.

You can always count on the CEA, or the Council for Estate Agencies, to protect and raise the professionalism within the real estate industry. Some of their roles include administering the licenses for agents, controlling the market practice, and promotion of integrity and competence among all, to mention a few. However, the firm also has various provisions that protect the welfare of the clients more than they do for the agents. In forming an agent’s coalition and appointing a spokesperson, you can communicate to the CEA in a formal manner and help them hear the agents’ plights better.

4. Excessive competitiveness will only lead to failure and loss of credibility.

Too much of something won’t help, and that is something all industries can attest to. If real estate agents would be acting according to revenue alone rather than fairness, there’s bound to be doom in the immediate future. Whereas, if one veteran helps a newbie or a struggling agent, he will not only become a “good Samaritan”, but he will also be able to widen his contacts for future use. It has ‘win-win situation’ written all over it.

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