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Who Keeps the Stars Shining?

The reason why movie celebrities and charismatic personalities project such a healthy and glowing disposition is due to exercise. Most celebrities hire personal trainers to provide them with a workout regimen that is tailored to their body types and works with their busy schedules.

Who Keeps the Stars Shining?
Most personal trainers go to their clients’ homes and bring equipment unless the client is already well-stocked. They provide a fitness program which may have a weight training schedule and certain cardio exercises. Or, it could be a circuit training program which combines both. The good thing about these programs is that they are customized to fit the weight, height, and physique of the person who has to perform these exercises.

Celebrities obviously benefit from exercising since it makes them look good but more than that, it makes them feel good as well. Since they work long hours that are unlike the nine-to-five routines of most of the working class and stay up late or work abroad in different climates, working out helps keep their energy levels high.

There are also some celebrities who get starred in action films, which require them to be in tiptop shape. Even though they have stunt doubles to do most of the moves, they still need to have the muscle tone in order for them to look the part. Sometimes, these actors hire personal trainers to ensure that within a fixed time, they will be able to look the part of a hero or heroine.

Hollywood stars and celebrities make money by looking good. Aside from acting or hosting, they also endorse certain products and part of their hefty paychecks is for them to maintain a proper physique. Since they are on the spotlight, they have to look healthy, young, and glowing. Aside from the make-up and skin products that make them look good, exercise is what keeps them looking alive and stress-free.

The benefits of proper exercise go beyond maintaining an ideal weight or having toned muscles. Those who get regular exercise are better at managing stress, get better sleep, and have better appetites. Some celebrities maintain a close relationship with their trainers since they are accustomed to their schedules and preferences.

Stars and celebrities owe their look to their personal trainers. If it weren’t for them, then they would not look as good as they do because it is their trainers who motivate, push, and encourage them to look and feel their best.

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