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White Water Rafting Monsters!

There is nothing like a badass adventure to feed off the daredevil in you. And nothing says badass more than a massive white water rafting adventure!

Can I get a whut whut?

No seriously, going white water rafting is a dangerous sport but it’s also exhilarating, exciting and rewarding. (If you survive, that is. We kid.) This mixture of fun and danger are being experienced by over 35 million Americans every year and if you haven’t joined the bandwagon already, it is a pretty good reason to let you practice your kayaking and swimming skills.

The honest truth of the matter is white-water rapids do kill so you have to hold on to your rafts (and lives) because it is going to be one hell of a ride if you visit these dangerous white-water rapids! Good luck!

white water rafting

Toccoa/Ocoee River

This 93-mile long river promises a monstrous adventure to all its visitors. We would also like to mention that it might have recorded around two casualties every two weeks also. That should be enough to convince you of how dangerous it is. But even with that note, a lot of people still come to experience this bone-crushing rapid with death-defying drops.

Kern River

165 miles long, adventurers take on this river to experience the fork section where the tight canyons surrounding it make up for the big white waters that will surely make you go, “Damn!” To get to this, rafters must hike 4 kilometres while mules carry on their rafts. The mouth of the river will welcome you with a sign with the number of people killed since 1968. And surprise surprise, as of 2011, Kern River has taken 257 lives. Eeep!

Deschutes River, Ore

Tourist mumbo jumbos will tell you that white water rafting on the Deschutes River is a must-do activity when you are visiting Central Oregon. But what they won’t tell you is that this river can be a bit dangerous. (A bit being an understatement.) If you have the balls enough to go, you will most likely see the 100 feet river drop that serves as a split around Lava Island which might result in personal injury if you go too near the mix of elements with lava in it. Yowza!

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