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When to Start Exercising After a Tummy Tuck

Women are most often very self-conscious, especially when they are gaining weight. Those extra pounds and inches on the stomach area is something that can cause a low self-esteem for women. This is the reason why there are many methods and surgeries for losing all those unwanted flabs. One of the most common alternatives is tummy tuck.
When to Start Exercising After a Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that removes the excess skin and fat in the abdomen. It can also tighten the muscles in that area. Many patients who have undergone tummy tuck in Boston would definitely agree that the procedure is worth it. However, getting a slim and sexy body does not end with tummy tuck. Even if getting a tummy tuck might mean not getting fat right away, one should not be too confident. Maintaining this achieved figure is necessary in order to avoid regaining the pockets of fat in the abdomen. This can be solved by exercising and eating healthy.

Post-tummy tuck exercises will definitely be helpful for everyone who has had this procedure. The patient normally needs to wait around three to six weeks in order to start an exercise routine. However, one can already start walking a day for an hour or two after the procedure in order to promote blood circulation. This is also good for preventing blood clots and swelling.

After the sixth week, doctors advise patients to perform simple cardiovascular exercises like running or speed walking. They can also choose to use the treadmill or the elliptical trainer. Lifting weights, on the other hand, can be a good form of exercise, but has to be done slowly after the sixth week. Weights can cause strain to the incision, so patients are asked to start slowly.

Paying attention to the body is important, especially during the first few days of the exercise routine. Avoid doing strenuous exercises in order to let the body heal. It is also best to consult with the doctor about the best time to start with the exercises, especially when recovery might vary from one person to another. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the procedure does not only keep the fats from returning on the abdomen, it also reduces the risk of getting life-threatening diseases like cancer. One can also ask suggestions for a diet and health plan from the surgeon that’s suitable after a tummy tuck procedure.

Make sure to go for a trusted surgeon. Those who have had successful breast augmentation may ask their licensed surgeon about tummy tuck. Most surgeons who offer breast augmentation also provide tummy tuck. This makes it easier for patients to look for a trusted doctor in order to get their desired results.

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