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What You Need to Know About Piloxing

Being a pilates enthusiast, you get to discover the wonderful benefits this low impact exercise can bring. Increased flexibility, good posture and strong core muscles are the things you gain in performing the routines whether you do it in a mat or with a revolver around.
What You Need to Know About Piloxing
Like in any other physical activity, there comes a time that an exercise enthusiast gets bored in doing the same exercise routine over and over again. This makes them look for other exercise options that they find more challenging.

Boxing for one is an option for those who crave for an equally exciting full body work out. One can learn a variety of boxing move aside from the usual jab. If you have just shifted from pilates to boxing and noticed some familiar pilates routines done inside the boxing ring, well, its time for you to be acquainted with the latest IN thing in the world of boxing and pilates!

Welcome to piloxing!

What is Piloxing?
Piloxing is a fusion of boxing and pilates – a seemingly different combination of a high and low impact exercises. This new exercise trend is now making its way in the field of fitness. Developed by a former ballerina, Viveca Jensen, piloxing is actually crafted to trace the origin of pilates. Crazy, right? This is because Joseph Pilates (the father of Pilates) was a former boxer. This means that boxing and pilates share common roots.

The Advantages of Mixing Boxing and Pilates
Incorporating boxing moves to a traditional pilates routine is intended to provide a cardiovascular component in the exercise. Given that pilates is a low impact activity, it does not stimulate the heart’s activity towards its optimal aerobic performance-something which can be seen in high-impact exercises like boxing.

While the action packed moves of boxing totally differs from the graceful motion you often witness in doing a pilates routine, combining these two exercises takes the benefits of an exercise in greater heights. It does not only promote weight loss but both exercises allow you to achieve those six packed abs you’ve been long dreaming of. Not only that, piloxing promotes proper oxygenation of tissues that gives you a healthy skin complexion. In addition, piloxing is a great way to learn self defense especially for women.

Is Piloxing Boring?
Intensity wise, piloxing is different from the traditional forms of pilates. In similar fashion however, piloxing has different intensities. As a beginner, you can take on simple boxing moves along with the regular pilates routine and gradually move on a higher level of intensity. This is therefore enough to wake up your senses and get your heart pumping!

Since piloxing is a contact exercise which uses your hands, it is advised for you to use a special low weight gloves to protect the muscles and bones of your hands.

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