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What Makes Juicing for WEIGHT LOSS so Effective?

Juicing means you extract juice from fruits and vegetables rather than eating them whole. Juices are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and offer immediate benefits. Some people go for juicing to boost their immune system or to clear up a skin condition or disease. But nowadays, juicing is also done to manage weight.

Juicing helps people lose weight. Raw juices are full of antioxidants which bind toxins and carry them out of the body. Since many of these toxins are stored in fat, you can shed weight at a quicker pace.

1. Increases intake of nutrients from greens

If you don’t want to eat your fruits and vegetables, don’t worry about getting your nutrients because you can drink them. By juicing, you can get all the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes you need to stay healthy.

Juicing helps increase your intake of fresh produce. Vegetables and fruits are important to supply your body with vitamins and minerals that help boost immunity. But most people do not get the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits daily. They find it hard to consume that many vegetables. Fortunately, juicing can get them to quickly consume an equivalent amount of these vegetables.

There are good reasons why you should consider juicing. It allows your body to absorb nutrients faster. It also helps you consume the recommended daily amount of vegetables and allows you to add a variety of vegetables to your diet.

2. Juicing as part of a lifestyle

When it comes to nutrition, it is easy for people with busy schedules and multiple commitments to make poor choices. Juicing can help you live a healthy life and a life full of energy. It can easily be incorporated into your busy lifestyle.

Design a juicing plan which suits your lifestyle and health goals. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, substitute it with a glass of fruit juice then perhaps another glass in the afternoon and in the early evening. Within a short period of time, you may start to feel a difference in your health.

You may even begin experimenting with other vegetables and fruits juices. As you enjoy its benefits, it becomes easy to make juicing part of your daily routine and your normal life.

3. Suppresses food cravings

Fresh vegetable juice works as an appetite suppressant and curbs cravings for food. When you are juicing for weight loss, drink a glass of fresh juice before your main meal to ease your hunger and at the same time provide you with the needed minerals and vitamins.

Juicing supports your weight loss goals by reducing your food cravings, boosting your metabolism, supporting the natural fat burning processes of your body, supplying your cells with nutrients, reducing the acidity in your body, and flushing out the toxins stored in your fat cells.

Most of the time, you crave for food because the body is starving for nutrients which are supposed to be in the food that you take. Unfortunately, most of the modern diet lacks the proper nutrients that the body needs, so your body tries to fill the absence of the nutrient by increasing your cravings. Juicing can very well provide these nutrients that the body desperately needs. Therefore, you are going to have less cravings for food.

4. Provides more energy

When drinking fruit and vegetable juices, you are reducing the digestive process that occurs when you consume food. Juicing has removed the fibers from the vegetables and fruits, leaving the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants which are easily absorbed into your system and becomes available for use by the body.

Your digestive system does not have to work as hard as when it digests hard meats, heavy bread, and dairy products. You can use the energy that the digestive system would have used, making you feel more active, happy, and healthy.

The bottom line is that juicing can be an effective weight loss program because it can reduce calorie intake and can satiate hunger without sacrificing the minerals and nutrients needed by the body.

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