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What Is A Foam Party? How Geeks Go Wild

So what is a foam party? It’s a dance party dunked in about four feet of soap foam. Crazy as it sounds, think of it as throwback to 90s rave foam parties. Here’s how to stage one.
what is a foam party? how geeks go wild
What is a foam party but a giant bubble bath? This means your foam party must be held in a place that can take the suds. Not kidding here: a layer of foam can bleach or “eat” away at whatever it’s sitting on. So if you hold it in your precious garden, you’ll literally be killing all plants and insects by significantly changing the soil’s alkalinity levels (so say the geeks). And if you’re crazy enough to hold the party indoors, you’ll ruin wooden floors. Say goodbye to plastered, painted, or wallpapered walls, too.

So the best venue is one that’s akin to a bathroom, garage, or driveway. Think tiles and concrete! That’s the safest place to hold a foam party. But above all, it has to be a safe venue you actually have permission to use. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards!

Even so, you’ll still have to cover that ideal place with wall-to-wall, heavy-duty plastic sheeting. This is a necessary precaution. Don’t forget to add plenty of non-slip “skids,” plastic bathtub floor mats, or old carpeting on top of the sheeting.

It’s not just for those delicate spots in the room (e.g., wood panel walls) that need covering. It’s to protect you and your guests from accidentally slipping in the foam. As those geeks will tell you, the minute people begin frolicking in foam, it melts back into what it’s made of—which is what can mess up your venue and cause accidents.

So what is a foam party’s main feature made of? Foam is nothing but air, water, and soap. To make the foam, you’ll need a plastic kiddie pool, lots of bottles of dishwashing soap, a garden hose dispensing hot water, a wet-and-dry shop vacuum cleaner, large and small buckets, shovels, mops, and friends to help you. You may need goggles to protect your eyes, too.

Set the empty kiddie pool in the middle of the venue. Place a large bucket in the pool (right side up), set the hose nozzle halfway into it, and turn the water on. Make sure the water flow is strong enough to push water out the bucket. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to “blow” the water and bubbles out the bucket and into pool. Have a friend begin squirting dishwashing soap straight onto the hose nozzle. Have other friends with buckets to forcefully pour back any excess hot water that’s spilled out back onto the hose nozzle. Eventually, you’ll end up with a growing mound of foam, spilling out into the kiddie pool and onto the floor. Your friends can start shoveling and spreading the foam throughout the venue.

Now that you know what is a foam party and how it’s set, don’t forget to add continuous music, drinks and you’ve got yourself a foamy world to dig in!

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