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What Are Yellow Jacket Bees?

Nature has profoundly provided this planet with lots of creatures that have added to the beauty of life, making the world a more wonderful place to live in. If you can just notice, these creatures are indeed getting plentier each day; butterflies seem to be present in every garden, ladybugs seem to be crawling in plants all the time, and the creature that is growing in number more than the others, the yellow jacket bees. In almost every natural attraction, these yellow jacket bees can be heard buzzing around the flowers, gathering nectars as their food, then back to their beloved hives. The hive is often noisy because the bees are always building new rooms for their babies.
what are yellow jacket bees
Especially during the summer season, you will start noticing the growing number of yellow jacket bees. Some can be seen flying around your garden while many choose to stay inside their hives, serving their queen. And as the summer season continues, you will find it difficult not stepping into these bees because of their increasing visibility.

One of the nicest things about these yellow jacket bees is that you don’t have to worry if they can cause you any trouble. Well of course, unless you step on it barefooted, then that’s a different story! These bees don’t attack humans, depending on their hive location. If they have built their hive near places where humans hold outdoor activities, then they may become a problem. Other than that, they are pretty behaved.

To know more about these creatures, here are some important things you need to know about them:

Be Careful from the Sting
Even if they are behaved bees, these are still creatures that automatically respond or react to defend themselves. So better to get out of their way if ever you see one just to prevent any stinging. They are known for their stinging because they see humans as people who always steal their honey.

Unique in Color
Yellow jacket bees have the same characteristics and bee colony structure as those of the other common bee species. Their only difference is their color.

Difference from Wasps
Wasps should not be too hard to differentiate from the bees because the former look entirely different from the latter. Well, wasps are known to sting almost all the time because they are really defensive in nature, just like that of the yellow jacket.

Stay Out of Their Way
Do not try to be adventurous and start looking for their overprotected hives, especially if you are not an expert. This will really get you into deep trouble! So if you don’t want to go home with a swollen arm, leg, face, then it’s highly recommended that you stay out of their way. You don’t want to pay a visit to the hospital, do you?

These creatures are nature’s gift to us, Even if they do sting, they still have a role to fill in maintaining the world’s equilibrium. We should give these creatures the respect and independence they deserve.

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