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What are Performance Review Phrases?

Nowadays, we’ve seen and received performance review phrases that really caught our attention. But does everyone understand the true meaning of these?
what are performance review phrases
Performance review phrases can be work quality, quantity, productivity, technical skills, interpersonal skills, management skills and more but we should also note that a phrase can be either negative or positive. These are often used at Human Resources Management wherein you will give comments about the applicant, his or her skills, possibility to get the job and current standing.

Organizations and companies also use these performance review phrases to provide feedback, encourage the employee’s development and as well as to assess the employee’s progress and contribution to the company and organization. Performance review phrases are euphemisms wherein you are using nicer or better words to describe the situation or something unpleasant. It is better to be pleasant but still in a businesslike and to stick to the subject.

You could also use these phrases in following ways: commending an employee for an outstanding performance, showing some room for improvement to maximize productivity, or in expressing aspects of the job where the employee did not meet the company’s objectives. They are also used to settle misunderstandings and disagreements, especially when you want to make sure that the employee completely understands whatever you are discussing. This will ultimaltely lead to the development of action points where the employee can make significant improvements in his performance. They are also used to express your confidence towards your employee’s ability in learning and improving, if you need a follow-up, if you wish to reach agreement on an action plan and when you need to announce a salary increase without getting other employee’s attention.

You should categorize your phrases in different ways: attendance, communication skills, attitude towards work, creativity and innovation, dependability, and ability to work effectively in a team. It should also cover the employee’s future potential as a manager or supervisor and things and aspects of the job that he needs to work on to reach those goals. Always remember that the selection of phrases to be used for the performance reviews should reflect objectivity and professionalism. This is to avoid sarcasm and to fight the temptation to make it personal. Keep in mind that this is business and this process should be professionally handled. Whether they are your applicants or employees they deserve to be treated in an objective and professional way.

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