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Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at Home

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a campaign drive that private organizations, together with the national government, actively promote in order to achieve a healthier and sustainable environment. Part of this drive are the garbage segregating systems wherein a particular garbage bin is allotted for perishable goods such as food and another garbage bin for non-perishable/non-recyclable goods; and recycling fairs.

ways to recycle

Recycling fairs are regularly held in the local community. The local government encourages its people to actively participate in this drive. Some organizations even go the extra mile and use cash incentives to motivate locals to join the recycling campaign. You are allowed to donate items such as old newspapers, glass, and plastic bottles and even broken electronic appliances or gadgets that can still be recycled. Collected items are then turned over to recycling companies.

As most of you are aware of these local campaigns, not all are aware that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle things at home. Practicing this works both ways, you help the environment while cultivating your creativity and ingenuity. Not only that, you save a lot of money from buying unnecessary stuff.

Here are some ways that you can reuse and recycle while reducing your expenses:

1. Got empty trays and boxes? Instead of buying those plastic or expensive acrylic containers, you can use these empty trays and boxes to store your accessories, CDs, and other memorabilia!

2. Use those old glass containers with covers for storing leftover foods or for your home-made delicacies. If you have small glass containers, you can turn it as a mason jar that you can use when serving drinks to your family and friends.

3. Want to sound-proof your room? Using empty egg trays does the trick. The tray’s material effectively blocks sound waves coming outside your room, thus sparing yourself from hearing all those noise.

4. Make your own compost! You may use food scraps and animal waste and leave it in a compost bin and allow to decompose on its own. You can use this compost in growing organic fruits and vegetables.

5. Thinking of throwing away those worn-out jeans? Hold your senses as you can cut it out instead and make unique pieces out of it like shorts, vests and even a purse or a bag.

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