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Warriors Set a New NBA Record of 73-9

As the game against Memphis Grizzlies starts, Golden State Warriors and NBA fans hope for another win to break the record of Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 made 20 years ago. Everyone thought Bulls’ record was unmatchable and unbreakable until Wednesday night at the Oracle Arena where Warriors made it possible.

warriors set a new nba record of 73-9

Draymond Green made 11 points, Klay Thompson had 16, while Harrison Barnes had 14. And Stephen Curry? This guy made another record-breaking history! Curry was the first ever basketball player to make 300 3-pointers in one season but he broke his own record again, hitting his 400th 3-pointers in the game’s third quarter. Comparing from his 286 record last season, 400 is definitely record-breaking.

Finishing off with 125 points against Grizzlies’ 104 score, Golden State Warriors garner a total of 73 wins and 9 losses. Truly a well-deserved victory! Although this definitely calls for a big celebration, Klay Thompson says, “Absolutely not. You’ve got to save that ’til June. I mean, you might have a glass of wine after the game but that’s about it. This record doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t take care of business in the post-season.” Well, we’ll definitely look forward to their future games in the NBA Play-offs, which, by the way, starts on April 16. Their first game will be against Houston Rockets.

Going back to their victory, even President Barack Obama sent his congratulatory tweet saying, “Congrats to the @Warriors, a great group of guys on and off the court. If somebody had to break the Bulls’ record, I’m glad it’s them.”

After the game, Draymond Green takes the mic and says, “On behalf of this entire organization, these 14 other guys, the coaching staff, everybody in our organization: we want to thank you all.” But we want to thank Warriors as well for giving us a great season this year.

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