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Want To Be A Network Administrator?

Today, computers are becoming indispensable. Most of the businesses utilize computers in making their tasks easier. However, like any other kinds of machines, computers are also prone to damage and wear and tear. This is why having a network administrator who can handle all these problems is important. Many businesses, both small and big ones, are already looking for competent network administrators who can be of big help to the business processes.
want to be a network administrator
Someone who wants to be in this field has to know the network administrator job description in order to be competent enough. You’ll know what to expect from day one of the job. One of the major duties of a network administrator is to ensure that the computer network is working well. The administrator will have to offer technical support and be on the lookout for potential networking problems. You will also have to figure out the network addressing system for the computers in the company. In addition, the network administrator also has to maintain the working processes and ensure they are at its best level. This also means connecting the computers and the equipment properly and solving connectivity issues in the WAN or Wide Area Network and LAN or Local Area Network.

On top of the usual network administrator job description is the need to maintain user accounts and ensure that the network is functioning as efficiently as possible. User accounts have to be managed properly, including assigning the passwords and the files for every user. For security purposes, you also have the discretion to change the passwords if needed. Ensuring that the internal communication in the company is working properly at all times is a must do. Network and computer security is one major responsibility of the network administrator. You have to ensure that the computers are protected from viruses and hacking.

Aside from being able to meet the network administrator job description, having the right educational background will also help you in landing the job. Having a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering will give you the right knowledge in performing the needed tasks for the job. This also gives you the qualification in conducting networking design and security. A master’s degree may also take you a long way when it comes to getting a bigger position in the industry. This will also teach you about more challenging networking like SQL server 2000 and AS400 administration.

A network administrator’s salary usually depends on the work experience, education, location, skills, and certifications. However, the pay is usually higher than other careers, which makes being able to do the network administrator job description fruitful. For a starter in the industry, you may have a salary of $30,000 annually. If you’ve stayed long enough in the career, your salary can potentially increase up to $50,000 every year. For those who have been working as a network administrator for more than 10 years, they may get more than $75,000 annually.

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