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Visiting the Big Apple? Here’s a Quick New York Travel Guide

The Empire state is well-perceived by many as the most influential state in the U.S. Being a major business center, it has attracted millions of talent worldwide. But New York is not just about the Big Apple or Wall Street, it also boasts of several attractions fit for a family getaway.

new york travel guide To get to New York, you’ll probably be landing through one of its three major airports – the Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, or the La Guardia Airport. But there are also several small airports scattered throughout the state. Among the most well-known of these are the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, , Greater Rochester International Airport, Long Island McArthur Airport, and Westchester Country Airport.

If you’re coming from other states, several trains can take you to New York. From the south, you can take the Carolinian and Crescent while coming from the mid-Atlantic states, the Keystone Express or the Pennsylvanian are the common options. From New England, you can take the Acela Express, or for much cheaper fares, you can opt to ride the Northeast Regional train.

Dining in New York is always a pleasure, thanks to the influx of foreign nationals who have migrated to the state to set-up their own restaurants. The wide selection of delicacies will leave you more than satisfied even in the most upstate cities.

One of the must-views when you go to New York is of course the Statue of Liberty. And don’t miss strolling around the Big Apple especially the controversial Wall Street just to get a feel of the corporate atmosphere. Promenade at the Central Park in Manhattan while enjoying a cup of coffee. Visit the other cultural centers in the state that can be found in Syracuse, Albany, and Rochester.

And of course, the number one must-see when traveling to New York is the famous Niagara Falls. Be amazed as you see the waters mightily rushing through its center. Truly, New York is a one-of-a-kind state that’s worth visiting at least once in your lifetime!

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