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Unravel the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Professor X

Do you know there are still 5 things you didn’t know about Professor X? How ironic, isn’t it? Now is the time to unravel those things about the professor.

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Fact #5: Cain Marko, Professor’s step-brother, is a Juggernaut.

With Professor X’s telepathic abilities, he learned about the true identities of his step-father, Kurt, and step-brother, Cain. Because of greed, Cain touched a legendary ruby which made him into a supervillain Juggernaut.

Fact #4: Mind Infinity Gem in Possession

Professor X has one of the 6 mind infinity gems which remained a secret. With this gem, he can access everyone’s minds easily expanding greatly his mental power. If he had all 6 of them, virtual omniscience and omnipotence will be at hand.

Fact #3: Cassandra Nova is Professor X’s evil twin.

Even before the professor was born, he already has his psychic powers allowing him to sense Nova in their mother’s womb. He killed his evil twin who is a bodiless parasitic form called Mummudrai before she could take over the world.

Fact #2: Professor X has a son!

He met Gabrielle Haller, the mother of his son, in Israel but the two broke up eventually. His son is named David but was later on called “Legion” who is also a mutant with abilities to absorb others’ psyche allowing him to have multiple personalities.

For the Fact #1 in our list of 5 things you didn’t know about Professor X, the extent of his powers is undeniably immense.

Before Magneto restricted the professor’s telepathic range, he could actually cover the whole world’s minds. By manipulating thoughts and senses of others, he could erase anyone’s memory, temporarily take away mutant powers, inflict paralysis, or worst, cause death. What’s not to be afraid of that?

With these 5 things you didn’t know about Professor X, his life sure is interesting, isn’t it?

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