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Understanding Foot Problems: Bunions

Minor or major foot problems are common. The foot is oftentimes neglected and isn’t given that much care and attention. These foot issues might be inborn, caused by habits or by the environment. Among these are overlapping toes. This can happen when the big toe starts to overlap the second toe. There are many reasons as to why such overlapping toes happen. Some may be inherited, while others are caused by routine.

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The overlapping toes can be caused by a bunion. It is one of the most common foot problems which is characterized by the big toe pointing towards the second one. The joint of the big toe may also be enlarged and misaligned. It can form an additional bone in the joint, which may be painful and tender. Although some are congenital, this condition is usually caused by using poorly-fitted shoes. This is also common among women, especially those who frequently wear dress shoes or other narrow shoes.

The tailors bunion is a kind of bunion on the fifth toe. The small toe leans towards the fourth one and eventually overlaps. The fifth toe may also be inflamed and may look red. This condition is easily diagnosed because it is very evident. However, the doctor may require the patient to get an X-ray to examine the severity.

Sometimes, it’s the minor injuries that end up becoming severe and serious. Doctors suggest taking care of the foot, especially when one already feels discomfort or pain. When these problems are ignored, this can turn to worse situations. Consulting a healthcare provider when such thing occurs is important. This helps in preventing serious foot problems and can easily remedy minor issues just when it’s starting.

Simple foot care can go a long way in preventing these foot problems. You can start by removing the calluses and dry skin on the feet by scrubbing or going to a pedicurist. Toe separators can also prevent calluses and blisters. Toe straighteners will also prove to be useful in correcting the toes when they already start to overlap, especially those with mild conditions.

The shoe choice can also affect overlapping toes. This is why well-fitting and appropriate shoes must be worn at all times in order to prevent such conditions. These kinds of shoes are also very comfortable to wear. Avoid wearing those with pointed toes or high heels as this can worsen the situation. Shoes with wide toe box are also good for those with bunion.

Pain on the foot is usually controlled by taking anti-inflammatory medicines or using an ice pack. For those with serious foot problems, surgery might already be needed. This is a must for patients experiencing prolonged pain. It is considered a last resort especially if there’s no improvement on the condition of the patient even after the non-surgical treatments.

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