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Understanding Bunion Surgery

Bunion is a condition wherein there’s a misalignment between the joints of the toe or sometimes due to additional bone formation. This condition can also be described as an enlargement of the bone or tissue in the joints’ area of the big toe.
Understanding Bunion Surgery
A person who is suffering from bunion can undergo a surgery to correct this deformity. But he must understand his condition and prepare himself before he can proceed with the bunion removal surgery. In line with this, below are the important things to consider before having an operation:

1. Consult your doctor. If your foot is painful everyday despite using different kinds of shoes, go and visit your doctor. This is to avoid the situation from getting worse. Ask your doctor if you are suffering from bunion and if you need to undergo a surgery.

2. Select the best surgeon. You must be able to check who will conduct your surgery. You can choose between a podiatrist and orthopedic surgeon. However, in most cases, the podiatrist has more experience in bunion removal than an orthopedist. A licensed podiatric surgeon is the best option regardless of their credentials. With this, you must have a list of possible surgeons which you can select from. You can also check and assess their track record, experience, and background. In addition, you can ask the feedback of their previous patients to further assess their expertise.

3. Ask your surgeon about the procedure. Ask him about the specific details of the operation. You can also ask the important things to consider before, during or after your surgery. There are also different kinds of surgery for bunion so it’s a good idea to ask your doctor which kind of surgery suits your needs. Examples of bunion surgeries are as follows:

a. Lapidus – this is a surgery usually intended for young adults or adults with bendable foot distortion.
b. Keller – this procedure is usually intended for elderly. This kind of surgery is also called Keller Bunionectomy.
c. Chevron or Austin – this is the most common type of bunion surgery. It is also known as Austin Bunionectomy.

The recovery period after the bunion removal will take about eight weeks to four months. This will still depend on the patient’s health and the kind of surgery performed. It also depends on how well the patient is able to follow the instructions advised by his surgeon for his fast recovery.

A study conducted by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons showed that about 95% of patients who had undergone a bunion surgery had positive results and were able to live an active lifestyle again.

Bunion surgery is something you must not be scared of. As long as you were able to select the right surgeon and follow his instructions accordingly, problems arising from it can be avoided.

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