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Unconventional Travel Destinations

The world is teeming with places to explore. There are innumerable options for travelers aside from the traditional Eurotrip or American getaway. Amazingly, there are some places that seem to go beyond convention like North Korea. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and are craving for some spice and adventure in your next getaway, then hang on tight as we take you to five of the world’s most unconventional places to travel.

1. Killing Fields in Cambodia
Traveling to Cambodia to witness the majestic view of Angkor Wat sounds conventional. But visiting Cambodia to take a look at the killing fields tomb is definitely unconventional. However, this is slowly becoming popular to tourists with a staggering 2.5 million foreigners visits last 2010. Some of the other unlikely spots you can check out here are the improvised cremation place of Pol Pot and the bloody killing fields in Choeung Ek.
Unconventional Travel Destinations
2. Dangerous Chechnya
If you are really determined to visit Chechnya, remember that warned you beforehand. You might want to consider investing in gears like bullet-proof vests to protect yourself. Despite the dangerous impression that the media has inculcated to the minds of everyone, Chechnya has bee stepping up to promote tourism in the area. In fact, a ski resort is set to be reopened in the near future. This is part of the Chechnya government’s initiative to revamp the negative image and turn it into a safe and enjoyable tourist destination.

3. Bloody Rwanda
Rwanda will always be associated with the bloody genocide that happened last 1990s. On a brighter note, the country’s economy has slowly stabilized and the government has been aggressive in improving their image. In fact, they are looking forward to opening a new international airport by the year 2016 with an estimated 3 million passengers per year.

4. War Torn Afghanistan
Afghanistan will always be linked to terrorism and war. There are still concerns with regards to safety and security but tourists are gradually visiting Afghanistan again. This place is rich in culture, history, and natural landscape. A national park was actually opened last 2009 in the province of Bamiyan Central to boost tourism in the area.

5. Nuclear Site in Chernobyl
Chernobyl is infamous for the worst nuclear accident that ever happened to date. Despite this, the site has attracted around 10,000 tourists per year and these adventurous souls are willing to pay an estimated £100 just to visit Pripyat (which is now a ghost town), and witness up close and personal the Nuclear Reactor 4. However, the tours have currently been suspended due to travel fee issues. A Ukranian prosecutor did an investigation and find out that the business was illegal since there was no visibility on how and who received the money earned from the guided travel. Nevertheless, don’t forget to include this in your Eurotrip itinerary once they open their doors again to brave-hearted tourists like you!

Unconventional Travel Destinations

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