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Try Kids Cooking Classes for a Change

Kids have this inherent interest in cooking and helping out in the kitchen. Although they seem to be a hassle sometimes, this can be a great way for them to learn new things. If they like and enjoy cooking, enrolling them in kids cooking classes is a good idea so they can get real cooking training. This is also a good way for them to divert their attention and be busy and productive about something.

kids cooking classes

If you are looking for great kids cooking classes, try searching your local grocer or mall for cooking classes. There are some stores that offer simple cooking classes for kids and even some intensive camps. Try to ask if they are offering any classes or camps anytime soon so you can enroll your child. Make sure that you consider the cooking level of your child and the schedule of the classes when you’re searching for cooking lessons.

Some communities and neighborhoods also hold their own cooking classes especially during summer breaks. This can be an affordable option when looking for kids cooking classes. Inquire from your town hall or any recreation center for any classes that your kids can enroll. Cooking schools and other businesses offer kids cooking classes, as well. Try to call them and inquire about any upcoming cooking classes that will suit your kids. Ask for the fees and the necessary tools that may be needed.

The Association of Junior Leagues International or AJLI has a special program that is suitable for kids who want to learn cooking. They hold the Kids in the Kitchen program which offers kids cooking classes in the different areas in the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK. They have professional chefs and nutritionists that will guide the kids in creating yummy and nutritious dishes. Call them or check their website for any classes near your area.

Inquiring from the American Culinary Federation is also a great way to look for intensive and hands-on kids cooking classes. The ACF is the biggest organization of professional cooks and chefs in the US and has local chapters in every state. So, you are assured that your child will get quality training from those working in the industry.

If you don’t want your child to enroll somewhere far from home, get a private chef to do the lessons. You can try to hire a professional chef to hold kids cooking classes for your kids. You can even invite some of your friends, so you can split up the expenses. The great thing about hiring someone is that you can do the lessons at home and you can supervise everything. Having a private teacher also ensures that the lessons are going according to your child’s pace and cooking interests. Who knows, the next great chef may just turn out to be your child.

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