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Truly Hip and Classy 21st Birthday Celebration Ideas

Getting wasted on a 21st birthday party spent going from one club to another pub is such a common practice that, quite frankly, it’s cheap and unimaginative. Why not celebrate being a legal adult by doing mature, adult things? Some 21st birthday celebration ideas can be so clever, both celebrant and guests may remember them forever as hip and classy. (And no, you don’t actually have to give up the alcohol.)

21st Birthday Party Idea #1 – Flash Mob Party

flash mob

By this time, so many people have done flash mobs that it, too, has become a slightly old. But not all flash mobs involve dancing and singing. Get imaginative! A flash mob could be just one component of an entire complex practical joke on the birthday celebrant, culminating in an actual cocktail party. To come up with possible 21st birthday celebration ideas involving a flash mob, try to think of one particular situation that you know for sure will initially cause confusion or bewilderment for the birthday celebrant (making it a hilarious thing to capture on video camera). One excellent example is a “zombie apocalypse” where a mob of people dressed as zombies begin chasing the celebrant around, forcing him or her to run precisely in the direction where the actual party will be.

21st Birthday Party Idea #2 – Air Balloon Party

air balloon

If yours is a rather small party, and you’d like one of the more original 21st birthday celebration ideas, get a real high by celebrating adulthood in a hot air balloon. Or better still, as part of a small fleet of hot air balloons! You’ll have to scout around for a hot air balloon festival or a regular balloon aerial tour in your area that coincides with the planned birthday party. The celebrant and guests can experience the thrill of being hundreds of feet above overlooking familiar surroundings. Experienced balloon operators will navigate for you, as you all nibble on gourmet sandwiches and drink champagne. Don’t forget to take videos or pictures!

21st Birthday Party Idea #3 – Winery Tour or Degustation


The reason why 21st birthday celebration ideas involving the consumption of alcohol end up being exercises in debauchery is because those drinks are consumed, not for taste, but to get drunk. Why not drink for the pleasure of taste this time? Do it in high style by going on a winery tour, with a wine appreciation class to go along with it. There are wineries or schools that actually offer packages that can accommodate a party of several people.

But an even better version of a wine appreciation class or winery tour is the degustation, which is a traditional French “tasting” feast of different wines (sometimes as many as 6 to 8), with the best gourmet meal to eat while drinking them. The presence of food in your stomach will slow down the absorption of alcohol, making all of you better able to appreciate what you’re drinking and eating—and the fact that it’s a birthday party!

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