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Tricks to Make You Feel Happy

Being happy can mean feeling better in life. And who would not want to feel that? Many say being happy is a choice but there are times when we seem to have a hard time choosing happiness. With all the work and stresses in life, it can be inevitable to feel sad at times. Now, read on to find out some tricks to make you feel happy in life.

tricks to make you feel happy


Money can buy happiness.

Many of us may have heard or believed that money cannot buy happiness. Indeed, it cannot. But ironically, it can, too! Money can buy products like high-end smartphones or gadgets or the fancy things in the market. Now, remember the first day or the first week after you’ve bought these things. You may have felt excited and happy. But notice after some time, you may have lost interest in those material things as they become old and out of date. Buying it made you happy, of course. But the happiness it gave you grew old, too as time passed by. This is why many say money cannot truly buy happiness.

But it can! Money can buy happiness when you choose experiences. Buy experiences instead of material things. From trips to amusement parks to watching movies with the people you love, you get to buy happiness – a happiness that does not grow old. You get to spend time with your friends or families and what more could be happier than to share and make memories with them?

Hold a pencil between your teeth.

There are times when even smiling seems a difficult thing to do. But did you know that research says that even just by faking a smile, happiness can increase? One bizarre experiment in the 1980s by Fritz Strack and his colleagues shows that people felt happier when they’re smiling. One group held a pencil between their teeth without it touching their lips while the other group supported the pencil with their lips. The “teeth only” group was forced to smile without them realizing it while the “lips only” group had unknowingly forced themselves to frown. And as a result, each participant felt the emotion associated with the expression. Would you try it now that you know why? Just remember to maintain a smiling expression for about 15-30 seconds as research suggests.

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