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Travel Safety Tips

When we travel, we’d like to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience as much as possible. Unfortunately, others get the opposite experience. Their phones and other gadgets are stolen and some of them are even robbed. Now that’s not one enjoyable experience! Here are then some travel safety tips you need to learn.

travel safety tips


Be a tourist but do not appear like one.

Being a tourist and appearing as a tourist can be two different things. You can be a tourist but not appearing like one. If you let others know you are new to a place and have lack of knowledge about the hows and wheres of such, then chances are you’ll be an easy target. Remember, pickpockets love tourists!

  • You can blend in by observing what the locals wear and try to wear the same style as much as possible.

  • Also, avoid wearing a camera around your neck! It’s an easy sign that says, “Hey! I have a gadget here with me. I’m a tourist and you can steal something from me!”

  • Be discreet as well when looking at your map. Chances are, they’ll think you don’t know much about the place and you’ll be an easy target again.

Know your escape route.

Find nearby shops, restaurants or any public establishments where you can go and escape to when you sense something wrong and feel threatened. Stay there and call for help.

Bring a dummy wallet.

One of the travel safety tips others find interesting is to put some little cash or even fake bills in a dummy wallet. If in cases someone tries to rob you, then you can give your dummy wallet instead of your real wallet where your real money is. Also, when they rob you, remember that it is more important to lose some cash than to lose your life. Give them your belongings especially when they threaten to harm you.

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