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Trading Useless Cars for Easy Money

The most probable image that would come to your mind when you hear the words junking a car would be a picture of a very rusty, old car that could barely function. Most often, there is the idea that a car junk would be somewhat like a vehicle badly hit during an accident and is damaged beyond repair. This idea is somewhat true. Insurance companies have the tendency to sell off a car damaged by an accident as junk, because the cost of repair would be so high that purchasing a brand new vehicle would seem more advantageous. Repairing a car damaged by accident would cost up to seventy five percent of its original value, the main reason why the insurance companies and certain individuals would think of junking a car.
trading useless cars for easy money
When someone decides in junking a car, it does not mean that the car is already completely damaged or could not work anymore. The main reason why people junk a car is because it cannot fully function as a whole anymore and may have safety issues when driven on the road, thus, junking it for the remaining salvage value of its functioning spare parts becomes a viable option. But there are also instances when people junk their old cars with the purpose of buying brand new ones. This means that the cars they are trying to dispose may still be safe to use.

There are several ways in which one can opt for when junking a car; sending them to salvage yards is not the only available option. Most preferred one may be donation. The vehicle would be put to a good use when donated to a deserving entity or organization. You have to make sure that your vehicle is in a decent condition before donating, no one would want a severely dysfunctional automobile even if it came for free. Through donation, you can be sure that your car is being put in good use and the money raised through selling your car would help some very needy and less fortunate people. Sometimes, the money may even come back to you as an act of goodwill.

Another way of junking a car would be to sell it via advertisement. You can either post an ad in classifieds or issue flyers and leaflets around your neighborhood to get a proper deal. The internet is also a good place to advertise and a very efficient option too. Many potential buyers would scavenge the internet for such vehicles. Post a photo of your car and give in as many details as you can to showcase your car. You can meet a wider audience here, and it also doubles the chance of selling your car.

In case your car is overly distraught and no amount of repair can get it back running well, you can send them to the automobile junk yards. An interesting thing about junking a car in a junk yard is that they pay for your car according to its weight. The heavier the vehicle, more the money you’d get. Junk yards are the last resort for a damaged car, in any case, it is better sold to them than having it idle in your garage.

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