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Tops Tips to Fight a Hangover

You were oh so looking forward to that night. Had a lot of creative plans on how to make it so memorable and picture-perfect. Made sure everyone on the list would make an appearance, even the one guy you won’t agree to shake hands with because of a jealous fit in college. The venue must be well-appointed, food and drinks galore, no time to lose in last minute running to the store. You made sure everything was ticked off in your list. And the day finally came. Lo and behold, you forgot to include in the list: plans to fight a hangover. So what is next? Depending on how your body responds, here are a few tips on how to fight a hangover:

Fight a Hangover Tip#1 – Water, water, water

You lost a lot of vitamins, minerals and fluids therefore you must be ready to replace them. In fact, some people advise that you also take water while drinking so you can release some of the alcohol in the course of the night and not have to be fully under its influence. What else can be a more natural and healthier drink than water?


Fight a Hangover Tip#2 – Vitamins

Now is the time to not forget to take your vitamins. What vitamins you may ask? The good old Vitamin C, preferably sodium ascorbate, which is non-acidic will work wonders. And if you’ve heard about the Vitamin C megadose recommended by Dr. Linus Pauling, you may wish to try this and have your other complaints sorted out. But of course, you must also do your homework.

Fight a Hangover Tip#3 – Sleep

Sleep like a baby. That is, if you can manage, with that headache and throwing up and all. But of course, you must drink plenty of fluids and your vitamins and perhaps have a small fruit before hitting the bed. There is nothing much you can do anyway with that horrible feeling, so just stay in bed, curl up and dream away.

Fight a Hangover Tip#4 – Food

Eat even if you don’t feel like it. Just have a small protein-rich snack and it won’t get any worse. There is only alcohol left in your stomach and you must make sure there is food left to neutralize its effects.

Fight a Hangover Tip#5 – Coffee

Even while some do not recommended a strongly caffeinated drink to cure a hangover, many would still attest to the wonders it can bring when you take a cup of black coffee the morning after. If it is something you haven’t done, just be sure your coffee is not too strong and it may still be worth trying.

Fight a Hangover Tip#6 – Go natural and sugar-free

If you have had too much of water and would like something that has a more zestier taste, try coconut water. It has loads of electrolytes; it is sugar-free, non-fat and is low-calorie! Having all these, you are in no danger of getting an irritated stomach. On top of this, it will let you flush out the toxins by more frequent trips to the bathroom.

After all is said, never forget to plan to NOT HAVE a hangover, this could perhaps be the best advice of all. How to do it? Don’t drink on an empty stomach, and as the ads have it, always drink moderately. You can still have all the fun without having to be too drunk right? How will you succinctly remember everything that happened if you are only half-aware?

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