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10 Best Toy Stores in the World

Oh, how sweet it would be to be a kid the second time around. Check out this short list of some of the most famous and enjoyable toy stores in the world and do not be afraid to bring out that child in you.

Lego Store (Worldwide)

The Lego Store already has over fifty stores all over the globe, each one offering its unique experience to kids and adults alike. The place, of course, is filled with the famous Danish play blocks perfect for anyone who just wants to feel creative and like a kid again. Out of all the toy stores, the Lego Store branch in Orlando is especially remarkable for its virtual holographic representation of what anybody builds.

toy store lego
Lego Store

Toys R US (New York, USA)

The branch in Times Square, New York, is famous for its cool Ferris wheel ride—among a lot all else—that offers a vantage perspective that will let you see the thousands of toys all over the place. Much cooler of course are the various interactive attractions ranging from Jurassic Park to Astro Kids and a lot more.

Gashapon (Japan)

The Gashapon is not, in a strict sense, a store. It is a capsule toy that comes out of vending machines that can be found all over Japan. A Gashopon ‘store’ in Japan consists of an aisle with various vending machines that produces different kinds of toys like action figures and other varieties.

Barbie Store (Shanghai, China)

This store is definitely a haven for little girls and all pink lovers. Filled with so many dolls that come with different outfits and accessories, the Barbie Store in Shanghai, China also has a Barbie-themed LED elevator and rooms for tea parties. Definitely one of the best toy stores in the world!

toy store barbie
Barbie Store

FOA Schwarz (New York, USA)

For over a hundred years, FAO Schwarz has been around giving smiles and an especially unique experience to children in New York City. Being the oldest toy store in the country, through the years it has allowed kids to play with a wide variety of toys as well as let them get a hands-on in the toy-making process

Lark Store (Minnesota, USA)

The store in Minnesota is captivating not just because of the kind of toys that they have but also because of their hand-carved carousel and other attractions. Lark Store is also unique due to the fact that the place has a mini-golf course as well as a llama petting zoo. It also has trick mirrors and other activities and sights that intends to bring out the fun and laughter in everyone. 

Disney Store (London, UK)

A trip to London will never be complete without the obligatory—and worthwhile!—visit to the Disney store in Oxford. It is a bit similar to Disneyland especially upon entering on a castle door wherein palace guards and famous Disney characters await to greet the visitors. It has a huge variety of games and toy stores and Disney merchandise that is sure to delight people of every age.

American Girl Place (Chicago, USA)

American Girl Place is located in Chicago Water Tower Place and is the perfect place for girls with its various types of dolls from Girl of the Year to Bitty Baby, and a lot all else. Fun activities include makeover for the girls, elegant afternoon teas and be a princess for a day.

toy store american girl place
American Girl Place

Doll Hospital (Lisbon, Portugal)

As it name suggests, it is indeed a place that cares for every stuffed doll and similar toys. Quite literally a hospital for dolls, it is where these toys are repaired until they are once again ‘healthy’ enough to be able to place with their little companions and caretakers.

Charles Ro Supply (Massachusetts, USA)

This store offers fun and enjoyment with their locomotive toys. Out of all their toy stores, this one is 5,000 feet tall and displays a varied collection of model trains and other toy cars.

Are there any other toy stores better than these?

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