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Top Flea Markets in the World

Who does not love a good bargain? In this article, we brief you through some of the most famous and unique flea markets that can mix travel, shopping, and enjoyment as you roam around looking for great deals and cheap stuff.

Le Marché aux Puces Sant-Ouen de Clignancourt (Paris, France)

Paris is indeed a city of love, but undoubtedly it is not just about that. It is also considered as one of the fashion capitals in the world and is a frequent place for designers and fashion enthusiasts. The Le Marché aux Puces Sant-Ouen de Clignancourt is a flea market with more than 2500 stalls all containing a huge variety of products. It opens only on Saturdays.

flea market france
Le Marché aux Puces Sant-Ouen de Clignancourt

Maxwell Flee Market (Chicago, USA)

Sundays in Chicago would mean streets being filled with guests and shoppers all milling about and crowding through the backdrop of music and good food. Along with the usual bargaining of products, tourists also get to experience the cultural diversity and uniqueness of the place.

Rose Bowl Flea Market (California, USA)

The Rose Bowl Flea Market opens only every second Sunday of the month and is strategically located in Pasadena, California. It is a good place for those people who not only want to shop for cheap stuff but also have fun. Entrance require a small amount of admission fee, but once shoppers get past the admission, they can go crazy over the 2500 stalls of pop cultural artefacts and unique finds.

The Silver Vaults (London, UK)

This flea market is located underground and contains various collections of antique silver collected through the different styles and periods. Its collections are indeed considered precious; its products rounded from the peak of classic English craftsmanship.

flea market london
The Silver Vaults

127 Corridors (Tennessee, USA)

This is considered as the longest flea market or yard sale that stretches for about 630 miles and can be found in Tennessee, USA. It may be slightly different from one’s regular notion of flea market, but it still contains a variety of unique and special products that are still good for bargaining.

El Rastro (Madrid, Spain)

El Rastro is perhaps the busiest and most crowded flea market in the world located in Madrid Spain. It is open every Sunday and on certain holidays on the streets of La Latina. Its products range from bargain furniture to antiques and other crafts.

Monastiraki (Athens, Greece)

A Turkish exploration in Athenian Greece? Not unlikely, as you would find out once you arrive at Monastiraki. The best day to come and visit the place would be on a Sunday when stores would be re-stocked and shipments would arrive. Stalls would have Mediterranean products and the like, thus the Middle East feel all over the place. Its items range from rugs to silver and copper goods and beads and a lot more.

Camden Lock Market (London, UK)

It is no wonder, perhaps, that Englishmen love to bargain as they have one of the best and most widely visited flea markets in the world. The place is also a usual set-up for local artisans and creative people showing off their talents and creativity with hip and cool stuff sold at cheaper prices.

flea market london 2
Camden Lock Market

Portobello Road (London, UK)

If you are in search of a wide selection of goods, then the Portobello Road is just the place for you. Enjoy the place on a Saturday where a lot of dealers and sellers are present and ready to bargain with you.

Brimfield Antique Show (Massachusetts, USA)

Shop around and browse through more than 5000 antiques and collectibles. Whatever you may be looking for, whether it is furniture, photos, artefacts, old clothes, and other kinds of merchandise, you bet you would find what you need here.

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