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Top Family Friendly Airports in America

Ask any regular American if they prefer spending a few hours between flights in a bustling airport terminal with uncomfortable plastic seats and incessant intercom announcements and they will probably shoot you an incredulous stare. Ask a family of Americans with little children the same question and you will probably earn a sharp riposte. The truth is no one enjoys being stuck in a crowded terminal for hours, especially with restless kids in tow. But many airports in the US have upped their services to make their terminals as family-friendly as possible to ensure those long, dreary hours seem bearably shorter.

family friendly airports

Orlando International Airport

Travel + Leisure has conducted a short survey on 22 local airports throughout the U.S. to find out which among these airports have truly stepped up to the family-friendly platter. With constructive reviews provided by readers, the number one hotspot in the list of top family-friendly airports has been clinched by the Orlando International Airport.

The Orlando International Airport was ranked 1st in the Family-Friendliness category. With a medley of attractions such as a video arcade of King of Kong, bevies of restaurants, a space center and a gargantuan aquarium, it is no question how this airport has successfully anchored the attention of children everywhere and provided a breath of relief to the typical jet-lagged parent. The McNamara Terminal in Detroit’s Metro Airport hits the list at second place thanks to its airplane-themed play zones, free Wi-Fi and epicurean sandwich shop that specializes in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Slipping in at third place is Seattle’s Sea-Tac International Airport. With free Wi-Fi that appeases bored teenagers and ‘Experience the City of Music’ playlists that can be enjoyed via videos, this airport also provides a colorful play area that can help stave off all that pent-up energy in little children.

Other airports that have squeezed into the top family-friendly list include San Francisco International Airport and St’ Paul’s Airport in Minneapolis. With various attraction zones and miscellaneous eateries that placate the taste buds of the most stubborn kids, these two airports have chartered the fourth and fifth position respectively. The full list of top family-friendly airports in the US has been uploaded on Travel + Leisure, so go on and take a peek to see some of the best terminals throughout America.

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