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Top 7 Reasons to Choose China As Your Vacation Destination

China is considered to be one of the most exciting travel spots in the world. The country has a long and colorful history. So, if you need to plan your ultimate vacation, let it be in one of the most historic places on earth—China.
Top 7 Reasons to Choose China As Your Vacation Destination
Here are seven reasons China is an awesome travel destination:

1. Beijing
Beijing, located in the heart of China, has beautiful ancient courtyard homes and traditional alleyways (known as hutongs). In the magnificent Forbidden City, you’ll find a breathtaking complex of red palaces that are built in the early 1400s. Forbidden City was where the emperors and their concubines lived.

You can also visit the Summer Palace. It was built as a summer retreat for the royals.

In Chairman Mao’s historic Tiananmen Square, you’ll imagine the historic military displays which occurred there during the Cultural Revolution.

2. The Great Wall of China
The most famous tourist spot in China and one of the world’s wonders, The Great Wall is a remarkable engineering marvel that you should walk on and climb.

3. Xi’an
In 1974, a cavernous pit containing thousands of terracotta figures arranged in battle formations was discovered. The life-sized Terracotta Warriors were built for China’s first emperor to accompany him in the afterlife.

Don’t miss out on Xi’an’s gorgeous Tang Dynasty Show where you can watch dancing, singing, and tons of colorful costumes.

4. Delicious Chinese cuisine
This is not your usual takeout fare. Beijing’s famous Peking duck is sumptuous and crispy. You might want to try the Chinese ham and the glorious dumplings as you sip fragrant teas.

5. Enchanting tour of China’s landscapes
From its historic landscapes to its stunning waterways, China keeps you entranced. Catch a glimpse of Yangtze River, the world’s third longest river. Seek out the site where it joins the Three Gorges. The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower plant in the world.

6. Shanghai
The east-meets-west vibe of the bustling city of Shanghai is a must-see if you are visiting China. Shanghai is a shopping haven.

Take a quick stroll along the romantic walkways of The Bund if you need respite from the hectic city life. Yu Yuan Gardens, on the other hand, is your go-to spot if you want a touch of serenity after navigating the highly urbanized atmosphere of Shanghai.

7. A warm welcome from the Chinese people
Spending time, no matter how short, with the people of China makes your vacation much more exciting. Interact with them and you’d be surprised that some can speak English. Take pictures and have a great time!

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