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Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss could be such a dragging task. Especially if you’ve been out of the gym for – how long? Maybe 8 months, and then you have to reduce again. But if you’re someone who loves to hit the gym, take morning runs, eats less without getting hyped when you see a bag of fries, consider yourself lucky, you’re in control.

 ways to lose weight

But some of us are not. Here are some tips that might help you get out of that couch you’ve been sitting on for hours – FAST!

Try being a fruitarian. Fruits are not that bad, it’s natural and delicious. Also, there’s a long list to choose from in case you get bored of eating the same fruit every day. Begin slowly by making most of your meals out of fruits, vegetables and protein, since these food groups have been proven to help minimize carbs you consume. Go search for a delicious meal that falls into this category and you might find yourself enjoying a treat.

Go take yourself out for a walk. Walking is a choice for those who don’t do much running. Walk at least 45 minutes a day to help you lose some unwanted weight out of your scale. After walking, find ways to do more, instead of just going back to the couch. Go biking, car washing, play with your dogs or cats, anything that keeps your body moving.

Avoid over-indulging and mindless snacking. In the end, we all need control. Limit treats since they could slow down or stop your weight loss.

Eat at the same time every day. 3 meals a day should remain that way, never assume that if you hunger yourself for a week, you’ll get that awesome body, it doesn’t work like that. If you focus on one meal a day, it could lead to serious health risks.

When you ask health professionals, most of them would say that diet and exercise are the best combinations of losing weight – this has been proven true. If the things above don’t work the way you wish it to, then maybe it’s time to change into a new leaf by starting slowly, don’t rush, everything takes time.

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