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Top 5 Scariest Creatures in the Amazon

Most of us already know that the Amazon Rainforest is the world’s biggest rainforest. Due to its largeness, it runs through Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname and through the French Guiana, France. And since the Amazon Jungle is over 5.5 million km², it consists a lot of frightening creatures that we should be amazed of. (At least they’re not extinct yet.) But above the long list of terrifying animals are the Top 5 Scariest Creatures in the Amazon which includes:

The Bullet Ant. Normal ants are not as harmful as this one. The bullet ant doesn’t do the norm, by the way it is named, a bite from this creature could hurt like you’ve been shot by a bullet – and it could last for 24 hours. And since these are tiny, you never really know you’ve been preyed on until it’s too late.

bullet ant

Next is the Black Caiman – now this one’s a large crocodile. It holds the spot of being the largest predator in the Amazon and it grows up to 20 feet in length. They feed on huge kinds of fishes, like the piranha, and is suggested to occasionally attack Amazon River dolphins.

black caiman

Then there’s a bug, not a lady, but an Assassin Bug, sounds badass – which actually is. This type of bug feeds on its prey by a lethal saliva through its long rostrum.

assassin bug

Second to the last would be the Poison Dart Frog, the name itself says it all. These frogs excretes toxic through their colorful skin which makes them fatal to touch. They also come in bright colors, which makes them beautiful.

poison dart frog

The first spot belongs to the electric eel. Because of its name, it is understood that the electric eel is an eel, but no, it’s actually a knifefish. A very large one could weigh up to 44 pounds and if a human gets attacked by its electric shocks, it could result to fatality or worse, death.

electric eel

These Top 5 Scariest Creatures in the Amazon are surely terrifying in their looks and abilities to actually swallow a whole human. BUT, these creatures still deserves the life they hold. I mean, After all, they only attack if they’re terrorized or hurt – and hungry, right?

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