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Top 5 Hottest Singers Over the Age of 45: Believe your Eyes

The top 5 hottest singers over the age of 45 list is something we can look up to. Even with busy schedules from rehearsals to actual performances, these singers do not forget to maintain their figure and stay hot.

Hottest singer #5: Bjork


With her career starting back in the 70s, Bjork has been on a successful journey as a singer. As she face another chapter being on her 50s now, Icelandic singer Bjork’s innocent face and unique sound will always stand out.

Hottest singer #4: Pattie Labelle


Something like diabetes does not stop our 71-year old singer and businesswoman, Pattie Labelle, from being on top. She stays healthy and fit by always minding what she eats as she keeps up with the lifestyle diabetes requires. With being up-to-date with fashion, Pattie Labelle beautifully copes up with her condition.

Hottest singer #3: Cher


Even at 69 years old, Cher has maintained both her gorgeous look and personality. Many has been wondering what secret she does in maintaining her appearance but the secret remained a secret. With the same grace and style she is known for, she continues to captivate the world.

Hottest singer #2: Madonna


Our 57-year old Queen of Pop from Michigan has managed to keep up with the pressures from being a mother to a world-class performer while staying beautifully fit. With her workout regimen and diet, her youthful appearance up until now is not surprising. She continues to be an influence not only as a singer but also as a model for wellness.

Hottest singer #1: Jennifer Lopez


Who wouldn’t know of the stunning 46-year old Jennifer Lopez? With her singing, dancing, acting, fashion designing talents paired with a stunning appearance, magazines like FHM, Details, and Complex, have named J.Lo as one of the sexiest and hottest women of all time making her deserve the number one spot in our top 5 hottest singers over the age of 45.

These ladies continue to turn heads every time they perform. And with this top 5 hottest singers over the age of 45 list, aging beautifully becomes possible.

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