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Top 5 Gifts Any Gamer Would Love to Have

You happen to have a gamer addict for a best friend and he’s celebrating his birthday soon. Frantic with panic, you scour your department store for that perfect gift that will carve a smile on his face until – lo and behold! You have absolutely no idea what piece of equipment will slake his thirst each time he toggles his gaming console. Fret not, here are the top five gifts for gamers that will most certainly appeal to your techie junkie friend, and keep his gaming going strong all night long.

1. Gunnar Technology Eyewear
Every gamer’s worst nightmare besides experiencing a game crash is sore eyes. With different brightness levels and display qualities set up on miscellaneous monitors, it comes to no surprise that most gamers end up with dry and itchy eyes, which could also burgeon into terrible headaches. But the Gunnar Technology Eyewear optimizes the harsh glare of television monitors or computer screens, thus reducing the strain on the eyes and throbbing headaches that would otherwise hamper your buddy’s gaming skills.

2. Foosh Caffeinated Mints
Probably one of the best pocket companions of any animated gamer seeking an overnight comp run, Foosh Caffeinated Mints provide an excellent mental boost that will literally set your nerves alight with energy. Each mint packs a solid punch – enveloped in this seemingly insignificant white capsule is 100mg worth of caffeine that allows your techie junkie friend to bypass his usual cup of coffee and spring right into action.

3. Western Digital MyNet N900 Central
With its stunning triple feed action that operates as a media server, internet gateway and even cloud storage solution, the Western Digital MyNet N900 Central provides a 2000GB worth of free hard drive space that can be hooked up to a Wireless N router. This makes it the ideal port for streaming and downloading gaming files whilst linking it to an iPad, SmartTV, Xbox360, desktop PC or even android tablet.

4. Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit 458 Italia Edition
Tagging along with its very own set of metal paddle shifters, a realistic brake pedal that actually exudes resistance when you stamp on it, and a natural quiver that resonates throughout the entire cockpit, the Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit 458 Italia Edition can be a mouthful for non-gamers. But for those who simply adore racing games, this is the ideal gift for pacifying their need for speed from the comfort of their cubby holes.

5. ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset System
Probably one of the most notable audio paraphernalia to grace the gaming market, the ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset System is ideal for someone looking into style and longevity. The system provides superior sound technology with a smooth compatibility transition from anything as simple as a regular MP3 player to as complex as a 7.1 Surround Sound system.

Trust us, tech junkies will be greatly appeased if you snag them either one of these gifts!

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