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Top 5 Deadliest Mountains in the World

We have heard success stories of those who have climbed and survived mountain climbing from people around the world. On the other hand, there are the tragic ones where some climbers’ don’t ever make it home, and worse, some just remain missing with the decreasing possibility of being found. These top 5 deadliest mountains in the world have had number of climbers who never made it to the top, or never made it back.

Although it’s only the 10th highest mountain in the world, Annapurna I is closest to being the most dangerous mountain to climb. It’s 26, 545 feet tall with over 50 deaths due to failed ascent attempts and 9 failed descents, located in North-Central Nepal.



Mont Blanc Massif, having the highest summit in the Alps, marks a border between two climate regions. This mountain range is located in Western Europe with numerous deaths every year. Recently, bad weather is the main cause of deaths in this mountain causing rock slides.

Mont Blanc Massif

Mont Blanc Massif

Another deadly mountain to climb is the World’s second largest mountain, the K2. It has an elevation of 28, 251 feet, located between China and Pakistan. Climbing this mountain is extremely difficult thus it was named the “Savage Mountain”. Even the first Irish person to reach the summit, Ger McDonnell, died along with 10 other in an avalanche.



Making it in the list of Top 5 Deadliest Mountains in the World is, Kanchenjunga. It is the third highest mountain on Earth, behind Everest and K2. The fatality rate on this mountain remains high in the past years due to avalanches and weather hazards.


Kanchenjunga night view

And then there’s the 9th highest mountain, Nanga Parbat. Recently, the extreme difficulty of the mountain isn’t the only thing to blame for its death tolls, terrorism in this area is also alive. This “Man Eater” Mountain is located in Northern Pakistan.

nanga parbat

A view of Nanga Parbat 

There are more than a hundred of mountains in the world with thousands who wish to climb them. And these Top 5 Deadliest Mountains in the World doesn’t even summarize the most of it, remember, there’s still Everest and every mountain could either be deadly or difficult. But to passionate mountaineers, this is what “Challenge” is. And if you’re one of them, good luck and see you at the top!

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