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Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs: Are They Worth the Risk?

What does the top 5 most dangerous jobs list include? Even with its risks, these jobs pay big money but are they worth it?

Most Dangerous Job #5 – Registered Nurses


Each shift, RNs deal with different medical conditions even with extremely contagious ones. They don’t get to choose who their patients will be that is why the risk of contracting contagious diseases exists. With its strenuous work, RNs also is at risk for burnout. But with the workload it presents, nurses can earn $94,720 annually.

Most Dangerous Job #4 – Professional Athletes


From doing strenuous exercises and trainings each day, athletes may become overworked over time. Boxing, for example, also poses a risk to the life of the boxers as they fight against each other. But the best part is that they get to earn up to several million dollars and it may still vary.

Most Dangerous Job #3 – Commercial Divers


This job sure is a demanding work. From engineering tasks to inspecting structures underwater, divers’ lives are put to risk but they may earn up to $93,910.

Most Dangerous Job #2 – Police Detectives


As they protect citizens and deal with criminals, this becomes a dangerous job. But putting that aside, detectives can earn up to $50,500 anually.

Most Dangerous Job #1 – Bomb Squad Expert

bomb squad expert

Even if they have a typical median pay of $52,500, it is undeniable that being a bomb squad expert means dealing with a possible death in an instant that is why this job can be the riskiest among the top 5 most dangerous jobs. With just one wrong move, lives of many are compromised. The safety lies within their ability to know which to cut or disengage.

Now that we know the top 5 most dangerous jobs that pay big money, it is up to us to weigh between advantages and disadvantages and ask ourselves, “Is it worth the risk?”

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