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Top 5 Chick Flicks That Guys Actually Enjoy and Why

Have you ever wondered what the top 5 chick flicks that guys actually enjoy are? With all the masculinity guys have, a touch of sweetness at times isn’t so bad. Let’s now find out what made it to our list.

Chick Flick #5: Easy A

easy a

Would you risk your life being in bad rumours just to become the most popular person in town? Emma Stone’s character in Easy A did. With a twist of humor and wit in this real-life issue, this movie, which is actually inspired by The Scarlet Letter novel, deserves to be in the top 5 chick flicks that guys actually enjoy list.

Chick Flick #4: Crazy, Stupid Love

crazy stupid love

With the talents Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling offer, Crazy, Stupid Love has received many positive reviews. Its story revolves around Ryan Gosling’s character’s life after going through a divorce. Los Angeles Times’ Betsy Sharkey’s statement, “It conjures up the bittersweet magic of first loves, lasting loves, lost loves and all the loves in between.” has pretty much summarized the gist of the movie.

Chick Flick #3: The First Time

the first time

Do you remember your first dance, first kiss, or your first love? The two high school teens in the movie definitely won’t forget their “firsts.” With an on-point script and a realistic story, The First Time deserves its credits.

Chick Flick #2: 500 Days of Summer

500 days of summer

This is a story between a woman, who doesn’t believe in true love, and a man, who believes otherwise. It reminds us that life and relationships have its ups and downs, bringing both feelings of happiness and sadness. With realities contradicting with expectations, this movie makes you fall in and out of love over and over again.

Chick Flick #1: Love Actually

love actually

How important is love for you? This is the question this movie reminds us of. With its star-studded characters, Love Actually depicts different stories about love that the audience can definitely relate with.

These top 5 chick flicks that guys actually enjoy deserve their spot as these movies remind us that love is something that knows no gender.

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