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Top 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Clothing Retailers

Using guerilla marketing as a means to promote your products and services entails the use of several non-traditional and unusual methods that usually have very little to no cost at all. Here are the top ten tried and tested guerilla marketing ideas that may come in handy in increasing your sales and attracting more customers.

guerilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #1 – Freebies

Nothing spells a crowd better than laying out freebies to lure people into your store. All you need is a large sign highlighting ‘TAKE ONE’ and you’ll be happy to note that most curious folks will swing by your shop to take a peek.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #2 – Branding

One perfect way to make your outlet unique is by giving it its very own signature or brand. Hire a freelance graphic artist to come up with a striking logo, and don’t forget to print it out on your storefront and shopping bags. This form of ‘bagvertising’ will hook the interest of your present shoppers, and word will soon travel down the shopaholic grapevine to attract further potential customers to your store’s doorstep.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #3 – Swapping Fliers

Exchanging fliers with your competitors works wonders. Not only will it keep the competition friendly, but it’s a win-win situation for everyone. While you stick up the flier of another store, the latter will return the favor and inadvertently grant you more publicity.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #4 – Memorable Items

The best way to attract attention would be to keep something memorable and conspicuous at your storefront. All it takes is one glance at your star attraction on display to gain recognition of your store.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #5 – Limited Editions

Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, this never fails to yank in a crowd. People are generally the epitome of procrastination, and having limited edition items on sale will immediately send a few eager noses twitching your way.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #6 – Cleanliness and Hygiene

No one likes to walk into a store caked in a layer of grime or peep through a window smudged with fingerprints. The best way to keep customers from running out of your doors is to maintain proper cleaning etiquette at all times.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #7 – Social Network

With the utilization of social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook on the rise within the past decade, it serves to reason that the best way to advertise and promote your store at a very minimal cost is by using any social media interface to your advantage. Tweet promotional offers or share a picture of your storefront with the world to generate publicity.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #8 – Trendy Tips

The most eye-catching way to draw the interest of a casual passerby would be to promote yourself as an expert or ‘guru’ on your clothing line. The best way to do this would be to stick up a new trendy fashion tip on your storefront daily, and sooner or later word of your expertise will get around.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #9 – Long Queues

People are naturally curious creatures that are drawn to where all the action is. When someone spots a long queue or eager throng waiting in front of a store, they will definitely slow down to sneak a peek. The best way to scrounge up a crowd would be to get your family and friends to congregate at the same time on the same day in front of your store – and be prepared to be amazed as others methodically follow suit.

Guerrilla Marketing Idea #10 – Contests

Running a contest is not only a fun way to attract some potential clientele, but it will most certainly benefit your clothing supplier as well since you’re basically offering them free publicity. Use up any gift vouchers or prize items provided by your manufacturer and promote your contest all over your twitter page or blog. Remember, everyone loves to stand a chance to win something!

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