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Tips and Tricks to Maximize the Sale Price of Your Property

Selling your home? There are several surefire ways of boosting the value of your property without having to spend a fortune on any professional staging service provider. After all, you’re selling your home to make money from it and not the other way around right? Here, we’ll provide you with several do-it-yourself tips and tricks that can potentially add a few thousand bucks to your property’s tag price.

1. First impressions last!

Make sure you put a good first impression to your potential buyers’ eyes the moment they step into the house. And to do that, presentation is the key. It’s the core concept that people doing professional staging apply whenever they revamp dull and boring homes. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer then take a close look around your home and the surrounding area. Identify portions of the house that will turn you off and do some “sprucing up” in that area.

Check the overall condition of your house and wash all windows and walls to make them look as newly-painted as possible. However, if they’re torn already, you might want to consider repainting these walls. Buyers also love checking out closets and cupboards so make sure that clothes and utensils are properly stacked inside.

In the living area, apply the basketball rule in stacking away personal belongings. Basically, anything that’s smaller in size than a basketball must be stacked away. These include the gazillion trophies and medals displayed on the shelves along with those family pictures. After all, you want the buyer to imagine himself living there, not you. And check the bathrooms of course – this can sometimes make or break the deal. Light some aromatic candles and place them near the bath tub. Stack away any unwanted sights in the bathroom such as toothbrush and other toiletries.

Don’t stop with the interior of the house. Check out also the garden and the backyard and ensure that they’re properly maintained and free from clutter. If you’ve got a swimming pool, keep it clean and make it look enticing. Last, take your dogs for a walk whenever a prospective buyer is scheduled to take a visit. You’ll never know if these buyers are okay with pets lying around.

2. It’s all about the space.

It’s no rocket science. Generally, the larger the home, the higher the selling price. Of course, you cannot easily alter the floor area of your home so the next best thing you can do is to make your buyer perceive that it’s large and spacious. The easiest step is to declutter your home and eliminate all unwanted furniture. To hit two birds in one stone, why not have a garage sale – you’ll quickly dispose all the unwanted stuff in your home and at the same time make some money from it. There are also a lot of innovative furniture out there that can serve as storage, thus making your home look more organized.

3. Do some last minute touch-ups.

Finally, do some last-minute touching up at least one hour before the agent and the potential buyer arrives. Have at least one round of checking on each of the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Put the toilet lids down and hide the laundry baskets. Last, put the buyer in a good mood by having soft music in the background.

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