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Things You Should Know About Laser Body Sculpting

Removing unwanted body fats can be done with the help of surgery: traditional liposuction and laser body sculpting. Choosing between the two will entirely depend on how you would evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each procedure. Your decision would also depend on your needs and financial capacity. Traditional liposuction has long been tried and tested as a means to get rid of fat at a considerably lower rate. The new method, however, yields better results.
things you should know about laser body sculpting
Unlike traditional liposuction, which has been used as a body fat removal procedure for the past two decades, laser body sculpting is a newer method which has been introduced a few years ago after being approved only in North America. This is due to the concerns of some physicians about the potential damaging effect of the procedure to the liver. More people go for traditional liposuction because it is less expensive compared to the new one. But it seems more and more now are considering going through the new surgical procedure regardless of the cost.

After years of study, traditional liposuction has proven its benefits including its sides effects on those who avail of this kind of procedure. General anesthetic is required for traditional liposuction, raising another risk concern to the process. On the other hand, the patient doesn’t need general anesthetic for the body sculpting procedure; the process can be done even when you are conscious. Thus, this lessens the risk factors involved. Laser body sculpting is also more beneficial since the probe is relatively smaller, making the surgery less invasive and risky compared to traditional liposuction. A smaller incision is needed for the insertion thanks to the smaller probe. As a result, scarring is also reduced.

When it comes to recovery time, laser body sculpting promotes a natural, fast, and less painful one because of the heat that helps close the wounds. As a result, it lessens the swelling and bleeding. This is not the case for traditional liposuction, which takes a long and painful recovery process. Furthermore, in the long run, the result is not that pleasing for those who chose the procedure. Why is that so? After the fat is eliminated, the skin continues to look stretched and has the tendency to sag. It’s an entirely ugly aftereffect any patient would absolutely detest. In addition, it raises another financial concern for the patient – it makes the method costly just the same because the sagging skin needs to be addressed.

The body’s ability to produce collagen is the byproduct of laser body sculpting. Again this is because of the heat used during the process. A collagen is a body protein that helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. As a result, this doesn’t leave the skin sagging. This makes most patients satisfied with the procedure.

By far, as you would have understood, laser body sculpting appears to be the more sensible option. Still, the decision will all be up to you.

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