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There Can Be Only Three: The Laws of Attraction

I’m not talking of a threesome. I’m talking about the three simple laws of attraction that govern how a man can attract women. (And everything else they teach you is crap.)

Law of Attraction #1. Be a funny self-promoter / self-deprecator.


You need to find ways of showing or “advertising” your character, or how original your thoughts and actions are, without coming across as a self-promoting jerk that everyone (males and females alike) hates.

Self-deprecating wit: One way of advertising yourself without going overboard is to make fun of yourself. Your funniest jokes should be about how silly you are, rather than how ridiculous another guy (or gal) is. In between these jokes, you can insert clues as to how great you really, really are. Girls always fall for the guy with the Woody Allen-type wit, because they will always feel safe with him, knowing he’ll never insult them. AND their motherly instincts will make them say, “Aww, don’t put yourself down too much.”

Law of Attraction #2. Be like Bruce Wayne.

Much has been said about how many women are attracted to the “big boys”: guys with the money and power. Never mind all that. All you need to do is project an illusion of being Bruce Wayne in semi-disguise (without the angst). It’ll play on women’s age-old sexual instinct to attach themselves to the most powerful and reliable warrior in the tribe, to keep them safe.

What’s with this “semi-disguise?” You need to make a woman feel that you’re actually more powerful than you let on–even more powerful than the next guy–and that you’re about to reveal your “warrior” identity to her, and her alone. But what actually happens is that you end up attracting ALL the women to you, because they ALL want to find a warrior they can have all to themselves.

Broad but refined tastes: The key to achieving this “secret warrior” illusion is to provide everyone with small but extremely tantalizing clues to your classy awesomeness. Just like Bruce Wayne, be someone who knows as much about cooking and wine, as he does about football and beer. Go practice some kind of sport or martial art, and appreciate the widest range of arts as possible. And whether you’re chilling out on a weekend or going to work, you need to dress and MOVE like a guy who spends his time doing all that. Pretty soon, when you talk to women, you can pepper your conversation with little anecdotes about what it is you do or listen to. It doesn’t take that much money or bling to achieve look rich. In fact, even if you’ve got the money, you need to avoid looking like what the Europeans call “nouveau riche” (yeah, look that up).

Law of Attraction #3. Be the friendly magic mirror.


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Honestly, that’s what every woman is neurotically asking herself. And the guy who treats a woman as if she were the “fairest” gets her every time.

One-man cheering squad: As soon as you can, flatter a woman. Don’t stop at saying how attractive she is. Go straight on to how “magnetic” her personality is, and how funny she is. Say it all with kindness and a bit of awe in your eyes.


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