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The Truth About Body Lifting

There are many types of procedures for weight loss which fall under a classification called body lifting. A belt lipectomy is one such procedure that can be classified under that. It is similar to a tummy tuck and is best for eliminating excess fat found around the waist area and not centered in the stomach. Just like the tummy tuck, a belt lipectomy takes off the excess fat and skin found in the midsection to create a more proportionate figure.
The Truth About Body Lifting
Though it sounds easy enough, it may not be as easy for anyone to qualify for weight loss surgery. A surgeon must check the patient’s health condition before choosing to go with a certain type of weight loss procedure. However, if a patient seriously wants to have a certain procedure done, then it is possible that the surgeon make recommendations in the patient’s diet and exercise. After some time, the patient may return to the surgeon and see if he is now qualified for a tummy tuck, a belt lipectomy, or whichever weight loss procedure the patient wants.

For anyone who wants a belt lipectomy, there are two categories of eligibility. If a patient underwent gastric bypass surgery and is left with sagging skin then he may be able to get a belt lipectomy, sort of like a tummy tuck after weight loss. It is important to note that the patient must be following the diet and exercise regimen that was prescribed to him by the surgeon. The other type of eligible patients are persons who want to undergo body contouring. They are the ones whose midsections are disproportionate to their bodies because of excess fat or skin. Though these patients may also opt for a tummy tuck, a belt lipectomy is better recommended if the excess fat and skin is distributed around the midsection (lower back, sides, and tummy).

Many patients believe that this is the best way to lose weight but most doctors recommend following proper diet and exercise habits before choosing to go with a bariatric surgical procedure. And even if one has been given the go signal, a certain type of diet is still prescribed just to prepare the body for the stress it may undergo during surgery.

These procedures are a sure way to lose weight but there are also many risks involved. If things go wrong, the complications like infection, too much bleeding, bruising, and swelling may occur. So it is best to follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter to make sure everything goes smoothly. In addition, doctors recommend that patients be extra careful in making their decisions as there are many things to consider like the type of procedure that is suited for the patient, the surgeon, and most importantly, the patient’s health.

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