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The Truth About Becoming a Model

The business of modeling goes beyond looking good and strutting down a catwalk. Though maintaining a healthy and good physique is one of the top priorities of a model, it is still a business and it involves knowing how to work within it.
the truth about becoming a model
There are different types of models – some are for TV, while some are better at photography, fashion shows, or in promoting merchandise and products off-screen. There are also different sized models which represent various body types. And it is important for them, even before becoming a model, to maintain their shape and size.

Where To Start
A modeling agency is the best place to start. They can assess which field or industry you can enter based on your body type. They also have lots of connections, which make it easier for them to assign you to different clients. They are experts at helping you in achieving your dream of becoming a model.

It will also help to look at magazines and read books which feature experienced and top models from all over the world. Alessandra Ambrosio, Tyra Banks, Giselle Bundchen, and Cindy Crawford are some models who you can look to for inspiration.

Modeling Opportunities
There are different types of models – hand models, plus size, mature models, etc. There are different categories for height, for example. There are petite models who stand below five foot seven and high fashion models whose height range from five foot seven to six feet. There are many areas you can explore if you are considering becoming a model.

Perks of the Job
As a model, you will have to invest in yourself. You are your own money maker. Think of yourself as a brand. Based on your qualifications, you can enter the different categories of modeling whether its fashion, fitness, print, or television.

Having an Identity
Most models have a portfolio, which they can show to their clients. Here is where they can showcase their talents and styles. Usually, it is good to have a professional photographer take photos to make your portfolio more professional-looking. You can post your portfolio online and provide your contact details for publishers and agencies to have a reference.

When a model is starting out, it is important that you attend open call auditions. These are for both inexperienced and experienced models, to show potential clients how they look in photographs and if they look good in a variety of poses. For those who are under 18, it is best to be accompanied by a legal guardian when attending these auditions.

What to Expect
Becoming a model is not easy. Rejection is one of the things that happens most of the time. Usually, you will not get a callback from the agencies and publishers you auditioned for but the tradeoff is being able to build a network. It’s just that some companies or agencies are looking for a certain look. And dealing with rejection tells a client so much about a model’s professional attitude. So, it is good to show clients a good attitude all the time.

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