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The Secret to Saving Money

Did you know that some people are able to save as much as 50% of their take home pay? It’s true. Even though the average American saves only 4.2% of their hard earned dollar, some people are able to live on as little as $500 a month. Some of their money saving ideas are a bit bizarre but I say “a penny saved is a penny earned”! Here are some ideas to get you started.

money saving ideas

Sell the car – Provided that you don’t live in the countryside, public transportation is usually pretty convenient and saves a lot of money.

Unplug the refrigerator – Unless you’re an ice cream addict, this is more easily done than you might think.

Take cold showers – Cuts the electric (or gas) bill and saves water usage as well since a cold shower is usually a shorter one!

Live in an RV – One of the unusual money saving ideas that a lot of people make good use of.

Reuse plastic sandwich bags. Wash the bags out and let them dry- very sensible unless you store raw meat in them.

Save gas by turning off the car. Although the AAA doesn’t think much of this one some people actually do it. Probably best to do at low speeds and preferably downhill.

Replace your oven with your car (if you still have one). Some people have discovered that you can actually bake cookies in about 2 ½ hours on a very hot day right on the dash. Works best at 95 degrees and above.

Buy in bulk. Wait for those great sales on canned goods at your local super market and stock up.

Be frugal. Take the time to compare prices before buying and be a smart consumer.

Stop drinking soda. This money saving idea can save you considerable money and is probably better for your health anyway.

There are many other money saving ideas you can try including moving back with your parents, making your own cleaning supplies and simply planning ahead to save from unexpected or impulsive purchases.

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