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The Secret Cellulite Treatment: Massage Therapy

Cellulite is usually developed in the lateral or posterior thigh and buttocks area. But the anterior thigh does not develop this as often as that of the posterior. This is because of the fact that most workplaces have become stationary. Well, sitting while working all day barricades the supply of blood towards the posterior thighs and buttocks. The presence of the excessive fat cells along these spots are due to poor blood circulation as well as poor lymphatic drainage. These events would unevenly stretch the tissues, thus creating an orange-peel appearance. This deprivation, if happening regularly, can lead to the development of more cellulite. Cellulite has the appearance of a skin of an orange peel and will sooner develop into an increased mass of fats that are connected to the superficial fascia and dermis.
The Secret Cellulite Treatment: Massage Therapy
Cellulite affects most women of ages 25-30 years old. Having cellulite often causes one to feel inferior or rather unhappy. PhysioPsychology would say that the more unhappy the person is, the more she becomes unhealthy. It is a good thing that a new cellulite treatment is now available for everybody who is interested, most especially the women. The treatment is called cellulite massage therapy.

Cellulite massage therapy aims to reduce the orange-peel appearance by stretching the fibrotic cords. Some would offer options like exercise, diet, laser treatment, surgery and the like while others have found the magic of massage therapy. This treatment is known to be of great help in improving one’s skin tone by promoting blood circulation and facilitating the lymphatic drainage. The massage therapy is offered by most spas and salons at reasonable prices. However, there are those who prefer to have their own cellulite therapy by applying moderate pressure on the affected areas using the palm, fingers or knuckles of the hand. One can also use long strokes directing towards the heart. Application of circular motion is also suggested. Using a moisturizing lotion will help in making the process a lot more easier.

There are also machines that use rollers, which are available only for that purpose. Another way is to use clothes made from woven mesh fabric that would perfectly complement body movements. This fabric will naturally massage one’s adipose tissue. Spas often use special kinds of oil, which makes the massage even more relaxing. Research studies, however, show that spas’ massage therapy’s ability to reduce the cellulite is still questionable. Massage alone does not really pass as an effective treatment for cellulite. The best way to make the massage effective is to use an anti cellulite gel. If the right kind of product is used, then one can be assured of a faster improvement.

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